Pirate Weaponry, part 1

You have probably heard that the fighting system in Pirate101 is different than Wizard101. Pirates don’t cast spells; instead, they use various types of Weapons that can be obtained by purchasing them from vendors, dropped in battles, or given as quest rewards.

Pirates can equip and use any type of weapon, but to make the most of your attacks it pays to have the best type of weapon for your special powers. Using the wrong type of weapon for your Class can seriously limit your fighting abilities. If you understand the basics of pirate weaponry, you can select the best weapon to maximize your attack power. (Once you’re finished with part 1, click here to read part 2, which concludes our overview of weapons.)

Bonnie Anne attacks with a Ranged Weapon for 87 damage. If the attack had gone critical, the damage would be 174 damage and show in white text instead of yellow.



Melee vs. Ranged

A solid understanding of the difference between Melee and Ranged attacks is fundamental to fighting in Pirate101. Simply put:

  • Melee means hand-to-hand combat (usually, but not always: swords, knives, axes, etc.)
  • Ranged means attacks from a distance (usually, but not always: guns, magical attacks, etc.)

Good examples of Melee classes are Buccaneers and Swashbucklers. Often the Buccaneer will walk right up the target and attack.

A Musketeer is an example of a class that often uses Ranged attacks, shooting their weapons from a distance.

If you want to use a Melee attack power, you need to have some kind of Melee Weapon equipped.

If you want to use a Ranged attack power, you need to have some kind of Ranged Weapon equipped.


Types of Weapons

There are 5 types of weapons you can equip on your Pirate. The weapon that is best for you will depend on your Class, which Talents you have trained, and the gear you are using.

Example: Privateers will train talents that boost the damage of Slashy Weapons.

  • Smashy Weapons – Melee weapons well-suited for Buccaneers. Damage from Smashy weapons is boosted by Strength.
  • Slashy Weapons – Melee weapons well-suited for Privateers. Damage from Slashy weapons is boosted by Strength.
  • Stabby Weapons – Melee weapons well-suited for Swashbucklers. Damage from Stabby weapons is boosted by Agility.
  • Shooty Weapons – Ranged weapons well-suited for Musketeers. Damage from Shooty weapons is boosted by Agility.
  • Staffy Weapons – Ranged weapons well-suited for Witchdoctors. Damage from Staffy weapons is boosted by Will.

Why are some weapons better suited for certain classes? The answer is twofold. First, each Class will train natural attack boosts from their Class Trainer as they level up. These boosts will only apply to your Class Weapon. Second, your Class Weapons will grant you access to the special attacks you train.

For example, a Musketeer could equip a stabby weapon and use it in battle, but then they wouldn’t be able to use all the shooty attacks they get from their Class Trainer!

Some Powers use attacks that do not rely on the weapon equipped. Examples are: Witchdoctor Powers, Musketeer Traps, Swashbuckler Poison, Privateer Barrage (and Heals). These are referred to as Spooky Weapons and are boosted by Will.


A Shooty Weapon which has a range of +3 (extends the reach of the attack).

This weapon comes with a special Power!

If you notice that you cannot use one of your Powers (if it is gray and cannot be selected), this probably means you do not have the right type of weapon equipped!



Combination Attack Weapons

What if you want your Pirate to use more than one type of attack? The answer is to equip a combination weapon.

A Combination Weapon will allow you to use different types of attacks that you may have from your primary and secondary class, depending on how you choose to spend your Practice Points.


Example: this weapon may be a good choice for someone who has trained attacks

in both the Musketeer and Privateer classes.


How to make your Attacks stronger

Your attacks can be made stronger by equipping gear that increases your Damage and other related stats.


Damage directly increases your attack.


Every +1 Damage is directly added onto your attack. Damage is more effective than other stats such as Strength, Agility, and Will.

Every +5 of Strength = +1 Damage

for Smashy and Slashy weapon types

In this example: Strength of 27 equals 27/5 = +5 Damage

Every +5 of Agility = +1 Damage

for Shooty and Stabby weapon types

In this example: Agility of 27+2+2 equals 31/5 = +6 Damage

Every +5 of Will = +1 Damage

for Staffy weapon types and Spooky attacks

In this example: Will of 19 equals 19/5 = +3 Damage

Critical hits double your damage. Players can choose a critical hit by using one of their Powers or by random chance.

*There is no direct Stat for Critical chance.

However, Privateers train a special Power called “Discipline” which can increase the chance of critical hits for all Allies and their Companions.


A Stronger Weapon: an Example

Here is an example of a Stabby Weapon with a Base attack damage of 38 to 63. After adding in all the boosts from Agility, Rough, Stabby Weapons, and the Gear equipped this weapon now does damage of 53 to 78. This is about a 30% increase in damage!




A Final Note

As you spend your Practice Points, keep in mind what type of weapons you will need to take advantage of any Talents and Powers outside your Class. If you train special Powers from another trainer, you might also consider spending a few points on the extra damage boosting Talents from that trainer as well.

We’ll look at Armor and Resistance to see how they affect the damage from weapons later this week in Part 2.

I’m still working through the content, so if there is anything you think should be changed or added, please leave a comment below!


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  • There is a sixth weapon type, Big Choppy Weapons, which require the Big Choppy weapon talent to equip. It’s a Buccaneer talent; I’m not sure if it’s Buc only or if it can be trained with a Practice Point. Big Choppy weapons are boosted by Strength.

    • That’s a really good point. I had sort of lumped them in with “Smashy weapons” but they are their own type. Thanks for bringing that up!

    • Nesogra

      Big Choppy Weapons are now smashy/slashy hybrid weapons. They just require the talent to wield like some staffy weapons.

  • IriGianthunter

    i want nappy weapons that put your opponent to sleep. sometimes i would use them on myself.

    • Liar

      i am laughing

  • Nesogra

    One tip: Pick hybrid weapons and train passives from the class that is boosted by the same stat as you. Eg. BuccPriv, SwashMusk. You get more damage that way 🙂

    • The issue I’m finding with Swash/Musk is that the hybrid weapons all boost from Strength instead of Agility. It’s all shooty/slashy instead of shooty/stabby.

      • I had a shooty/stabby at level 10, but didn’t find any at level 15 or 20. Really hoping the next weapons vendors have one!

      • Nesogra

        Shooty/stabby weapons are out there. They may just be a bit difficult to find. Most of the time there is more than one weapon vendor that sells weapons of the same level.

  • Melody Underwood

    I am a witchdoctor and often fight using a staff and a knife/sword. I use this because my health isnt bad so i can get into the thick of things and also i can get closer while dealing damage. I always make sure that the stat that the weapon is using is will so i can do mojo echo. This kind of style has proven to be pretty effective, but I’m thinking about switching my build into using a ranged staff instead so that i can reap the benefits of the mournsong stuff, and so that i can focus more on my will, accuracy, and weapon power instead of health, resistance, dodge, etc. Is this a good decision?

  • Black Jack Silver

    does anyone know what weapon type the wooden sword is?