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Pirate101 Tower of Moo Manchu in an Hour


  Tower of Moo Manchu in an Hour   In the most recent update for Pirate101 Old Scratch was given some significant spell power buffs.  We decided to see how quickly we could finish the Tower of Moo Manchu with these new powers.  Short answer: how do you feel about one hour? We’ve included a […]

Technomage’s 2015 Summer Season Buccaneer 1v1 Guide

Pirate101 P101 Bucc Class Icon

A Buccaneer 1v1 Guide, detailing Technomage’s successful setup during the Pirate101’s ranked summer season.

Pirate101: Fall PvP Weapons and Pets

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The Fall PvP rewards are here for Pirate101! The weapons include a summon treant power, and new raptors are available for each class.

Pirate 101 Power Spotlight: Time Warp

time warp

Eric goes over how the pet ability Time Warp is affecting the game’s newest addition, Ranked PvP.

Pirate 101 PvP Vendors

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With the latest Test Realm, Pirate101 has Ranked PvP and PvP Vendors with quite the goods that you can receive. Check it out!

Pirate101 Test Realm: Ranked PvP, Gauntlets, and More! (July 2015)

P101 july 2015 test realm thumbnail

The Pirate101 Test Realm for July 2015 is here! And it’s brought Duelist101’s most long awaited update: Ranked PvP!

Pirate101: Pet Morphing Strategies

Pirate101 Ideal Pet Odyssey Banner

Patrick reviews Pirate101 pet morphing strategies in his ideal pet odyssey, including talent order, power order, inheritance and max pedigree pets.

Pirate101: Pet Training Like a Pro

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Which Pirate101 Pet Training approaches are most efficient? Patrick shares his tips in the Pirate101 Ideal Pet Odyssey series.

Pirate101: What is the Perfect Pet? [Updated 8/7/2015]

Pirate101 Ideal Pet Odyssey Banner

Patrick provides a series of articles on his quest to create the perfect pet in Pirate101. This time, what exactly is the perfect pet?

Pirate 101: Marleybone Part 1


Eric begins a video walkthrough of Pirate101’s Marleybone, his absolute favorite world in either KI game.