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Pirate 101: New Clandestine Trainer Powers

Pirate 101’s Teat Realm comes with Updated Powers for Each Clandestine Trainer. Come see what these trainers have to offer!

Pirate101 New Class Powers!

Come see what Powers and Talents Pirate 101’s Test Realm has in store! New class powers! There are new class powers for every class, plus some hidden item specific powers.

Pirate 101 Test Realm Released (Book 15)!

Pirate 101 Test Realm is here with the Epic Conclusion to the First Arc.

Why Every Serious PvPer should play Pirate 101

Do you like PvP in Wizard101? Have you tried Pirate101 PvP yet? Eric Stormbringer explains exactly why you should be playing in Pirate101’s arena!

Pirate101: Book 15, Test Realm, and New Teaser!

Pirate101 confirms Book 15 and an upcoming test realm. Plus, Duelist’s very own teaser image!

Pirate101 – Mysterious Character Teaser Revealed!

A mysterious character was teased today for Pirate101 – take a look!

Pirate 101: Winter Champion PvP Rewards

The Pirate101 Winter Champion rewards have arrived, and players have an all new set of weapons and pets to strive for this season.

Pirate101 Tower of Moo Manchu in an Hour

  Tower of Moo Manchu in an Hour   In the most recent update for Pirate101 Old Scratch was given some significant spell power buffs.  We decided to see how quickly we could finish the Tower of Moo Manchu with these new powers.  Short answer: how do you feel about one hour? We’ve included a […]

Technomage’s 2015 Summer Season Buccaneer 1v1 Guide

A Buccaneer 1v1 Guide, detailing Technomage’s successful setup during the Pirate101’s ranked summer season.

Pirate101: Fall PvP Weapons and Pets

The Fall PvP rewards are here for Pirate101! The weapons include a summon treant power, and new raptors are available for each class.