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12 Days of the Spiral


12 Days of the Spiral is here! Check out the 2014 Charity mount the Bah Humbug!

Holiday Items Return to the Spiral


The holidays bring festive decorations and specialty items to the Spiral. Learn what Pirate101and Wizard101 bring us in the 2014 Yuletide season.

Pirate101 Critical Hits


Leah C explains Critical Hits in Pirate101 and how to maximize your chances of getting them (and minimize your opponent’s chances of hitting you with them)!

Pirate101 PvP Commentaries #4: Swashbuckler Throwdown!

pirate commentary banner

In today’s episode of Pirate101 PvP Commentaries, Technomage throws down in Swash vs Swash against Merciless Jeremy Nichols.

Pirate101 Smuggler’s Arena


KingsIsle has introduced a new concept to the skyways with the latest Test Realm release: the Pirate101 Smuggler’s Arena.

Pirate101 Black Market and Scrip!


A guide to the Pirate101 Black Market, and how to get Scrip!

Pirate101 – Test Realm


Aye, me matey’s. Test Realm has now been released with some new and cool features to the game. There is more to come on what we find in test realm, so be sure to check back often.

Pirate101 Mechanics Quiz

Wizard101 Pirate101 Will Talent

Are Ye’ a Landlubber or a Salty Dog? Take this Pirate101 Quiz on Mechanics to find out!

(CLOSED) Pirate101 Rainbow FriendShip Mask Raffle

Pirate101 Online Game

Who wants a raffle?! You do! Who’s going to give you a raffle?! WE ARE! Check it out! :)

Dog Run: Moo Manchu Tower Floor 10 Strategy


Leah does some additional testing on the Moo Manchu Tower’s top floor, and finds an even better companion than Ratbeard….Gracie Conrad?