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Pirate101 Boss Spotlight: The Nefarious 5 In Five Nefariously Easy Steps


Eric Stormbringer shows you his favorite tips and tricks for taking down the Nefarious 5.

Pirate101 PvP Commentaries #3: Doctor Visits with Chidz Hustle

pirate commentary banner

Merciless Jean Percy shows us a live commentary of his Witchdoctor taking on fearsome Swashbuckler Juan.

Pirate101 Grizzly Beast Booster Pack and Tower of Moo Manchu Live!


Pirate101 releases the Tower of Moo Manchu to the live realm along with a brand new pack, the Grizzly Beast Booster Pack.

Pirate101 Companion Builds: Shredica (Nausica)

Comp Build Header

Eric Stormbringer shows his latest Nausica build in the wake of the Tower of Moo Manchu Test Realm: Say hello to Shredica.

Ratbeard Says: Hide and Traps Changes (August 2014)

Ratbeard Says Banner

Ratbeard and the Dev team discuss upcoming Hide and Traps changes, following the Hide Update from the Tower of Moo Manchu Test Realm.

Pirate101 Skill Spotlight: Hold the Line!

P101 Skill Spotlight

Eric Stormbringer spotlights the Hold the Line series of talents in Pirate101. What it is, and why it’s useful.

Pirate101 PvP Commentaries #2: Summer Laddering with Technomage Pt 2!

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Pirate101 PvP’er Technomage is taking on the P101C Summer Ladder. Today, a Musketeer vs Buccaneer live commentary!

(CLOSED)Arrrgust Raffle

Pirate101 Online Game

Come join in the fun with this Arrrgust Raffle!

Pirate101 Tower of Moo Manchu Video Playthrough

Tower of Moo Manchu Banner

Merciless Jean Percy and Eric Stormbringer record their solo runs of the Tower of Moo Manchu!

Pirate101 Summer Update: Potential Impact on PvP

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Eric Stormbringer theorizes how the Pirate101 Summer Update changes will be shaking up PvP.