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Pirate101 Revealing Interface: How the New Interface Allows Us to Learn More About Our Enemies

Revealing Interfaces 1

Eric Stormbringer shows us how Pirate101′s new interface from the Spring Update can be used to reveal enemy info.

Pirate101 PvP Commentaries #1: Summer Laddering with Technomage!

pirate commentary banner

Pirate101 PvP’er Technomage is taking on the P101C Summer Ladder. Check out today’s voice commentary: Musketeer vs Buccaneer with a close finish!

New Pirate101 Furniture Added to the Crown Shop

pirate furniture announcement

Jewel Shadowcaster shows the new Pirate101 Furniture that has been added to the crown shop. Come see all the new available goodies!

Pirate101 – Nautical Farming Event

nxp 2

You ready for some Nautical Farming?? Come out with Duelist101 this weekend and join us on a few runs.

Pirate101 Boss Spotlight:Gortez


Pirate101 Boss Spotlight – Gortez The Egomaniacal Gorilla Gortez is one of the first of ┬ámany main bosses that our pirates confront in the Pirate101 Storyline. At early levels fighting Gortez can be a struggle but the loot that Gortez harbors can prove to be useful to those just beginning their adventure and valuable to […]

Ratbeard Says: Pirate101 Crafting is Coming

Ratbeard Says Banner

Pirate101 developer Ratbeard hints, and basically confirms, that we will be seeing Pirate101 Crafting.

Pirate101 Boss Spotlight: Hydra


Guide to the Pirate101 Hydra cheating boss instance in Sparta, Aquila.

Pirate101 Doubloons Guide: Everything You Never Wanted To Know


After weeks of research, LeahC shows us everything we might have wanted to know about doubloons: the types, how they operate, how best to hunt them, and more!

Pirate101 PvP: The Importance of Our Weaker Stats


Lucas Walker gives us a quick breakdown on the importance of our weaker stats: Strength, Agility, and Will.

Pirate101 Companion Builds: Zeena

Comp Build Header

This time, Merciless Jean Percy shares tips, ideas, and build choices on how to best use your Zeena companion!