{CLOSED} Friendship Festival Contest

Come see how you can participate in this year’s Friendship Festival contest and possibly have a chance at different rewards.

Picking the Locks – Omen Stribog

Looking for a challenge in Wizard101? Meet Omen! Read this guide to prepare for one of the greatest challenges that are waiting for you out there.

Picking the Locks – Ra

Shall we take a look at yet another skeleton key boss? Let’s take a trip to Krokotopia this time and discover Ra, a wooden skeleton key boss!

Wizard101 Energy – How much can you get?

Ready to see what the best energy setup is in Wizard101? Join the discussion and share how much energy you can get on your wizards!

Changes to Rasputin Encounter and Mirage

KingsIsle patched in some changes to Rasputin and the world of Mirage – come take a look!

Wizard101 – Mirage Master Guide

Check out everything you need to know about Wizard101 – Mirage update right here in this master guide that highlights the new changes.

KingsIsle’s 2016: A Look Back

With the end of year here, KingsIsle has sure done a lot in 2016! Let’s take a look back at the year of 2016 and KingsIsle!

Battle in Style – A Complete Guide to School Design Gear

Searching for the perfect look for your wizard that compliments your school? Look no further! We have listed all the school design gear for your wizard.

Critical Decay – What Is It?

Take a look at the critical decay system – and learn all about it!

Krampus Gold Key Challenge – Wizard101

Ready for a new challenge? Head over to fight Krampus, the new Christmas themed boss for some interesting rewards for your wizard!