Wizard 101 Lifehacks

This article is just a few tips and tricks that can make your wizarding life a little easier.

Frankie Forearms Pet – How to Get Yours.

Frankie Forearms has made his way into Wizard101 for a limited time, here’s how to get yours.

Community Christmas Clash

Come read details about Christmas Clash – the community PvP event!

Guide to New Morganthe & Aura Jewels

With the release of Polaris to the live realm, KingsIsle introduced new Jewel packs – with new Morganthe and May Cast Aura Jewels! Take a look.

Polaris: A Review from Shadowfishy

With Polaris coming to live, Shadowfishy takes a look at the good and bad coming with this update.

Wizard101 – Polarian Explorer’s Bundle

The newest bundle to hit the spiral is here – the Polarian Explorer’s Bundle. Shadowfishy has your look into this chilling bundle!

Wizard101 Wallpapers

Decorating your home just got a tiny bit easier with this illustrated guide to the wallpapers available in Wizard101!

Test Realm – Misc. Updates

This test realm brings a lot of smaller, but still important changes – take a look!

Polaris Update – New Level 108 Spells

Polaris brings with it new level 108 spells with some very interesting effects!

Wizard101 – Jewel Crafter’s Bundle

Wizard101 has a new bundle – the Jeweler Crafter’s Bundle. Filled with a new mechanic and EIGHT wands, this is for sure a bundle you want.