Harrowing and Nightmare Pack are here


Harrowing & Nightmare Packs In accordance with tradition, Wizard101 brings back the Nightmare Pack. But this year we also have a brand new pack – Harrowing Nightmare Pack. With these packs arrived our old favorite items, but also tons of new goodies. Check out all the information here. Check out below for new Exalted gear. […]

Fishing Plan (Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Stress)


Duelist101 fishing guide. Step-by-step instructions on how to catch the most fish efficiently, with minimal stress and energy consumption.

Wizard101 Five B.O.X.E.S Event

Wizard101 Five Boxes Event banner

Wizard101 releases the Five B.O.X.E.S Event for the month of October. (Work In Progress)

Spooky in the Spiral 2014


Halloween in the spiral is upon us. Pirate101 plans their Birth-o-ween and Wizard101’s holiday quests have returned. KingsIsle also announces a gaming for charity event.

Wizard101 Poll: Regular Rank Resets?

Wizard101 Poll Banner

Today’s Poll asks: How do you feel about the idea of regular rank resets in Wizard101 PvP? Take the poll, and let us know in the comments!

Wizard101 PvP Brain Stew 8


It is a bleak beginning for the Black Swans in this match. Read on to see what happened, how they dealt with it and how it ended. Not every match can be ideal.

Pet Wishlist

Pet Wishlist banner jpg

Sophia and Psylent share their dream pets. Show us your ideal pet and pet talents too!

Definition of Skill is…..?


Sophia polls some of the Duelist staff, then asks you. What’s your definition of skill?

Wand Giveaway [Concluded]

Dragonclaw blade - edit

Dragonclaw blades! Come read to find out how to grab a code during our 12 day giveaway!

Let’s Play Favorites


Do you have a favorite school/class? See if you can pick just one of each in both Pirate and Wizard!