Double Pet Experience in Wizard101


Double Pet Experience hits Wizard101! From now until March 1, 2015 Wizard101 Members receive DOUBLE pet experience from pet games and snacks.

The Spiral – What Interests You?

Community Help Question Mark

Blaze Raven asks what interests you in the spiral? What have we not covered that you’d like to see in the future?

Wizard101 Prince Gobblestone Drop List

gobbler king

Here we present Prince Gobblestone’s drop list. Come and check out the cool items he has for you.

KI Live! (February 13, 2015)


KI Live returns tomorrow! Join us as we watch Professor Greyrose and Dworgyn give us updates and answer questions in the Spiral.

Fansite Festival


Ready for a party? Read on to learn about the Fansite Festival.

Spell Spotlight: Rain Beetle (Wizard101)

Mutate Beetle

Eric Stormbringer explores the utility of the Rain Beetle mutate and how Storm wizards can use it to their advantage in Wizard101 PvP.

KI Live! (January 15, 2015)


KI Live returns! Join KingsIsle Community Managers on a live stream event Thursday, January 15th at 4 pm CST. Read more for details and previous episodes.

Wizard101 Defensive Globals?

Negate Spirits Global

Morgrim takes a look at how global spells are being used in Wizard101, and potential additions and changes to allow the use of Defensive Globals.

(CLOSED) Duelist101 Christmas Raffles


Christmas is almost here and thanks to Kingisle we have some prizes to give away before this holiday season is over! Come check out these raffles!

Wizard101 Winterland Pack


Ready for a new parka? The Winterland pack is crammed full of greatness. Join us as we find it all!