Wizard101 – Great Clockwork Bundle

A new Valencian Bundle has surfaced – take a look!

Wizard101 Witch Hunter’s Bundle

A new bundle graces the spiral – the Witch Hunter’s Bundle!

New Pets – Spring 2016 Update

A secret part of the Spring Update surfaces – new pets!

Ice Age – The Return of Ice to Top Level PvP

Ice has risen back into the fronthold – read why, and how to fight this tricky school!

New Skeleton Key Bosses – Test Realm

Three new bosses – including one with a 99,999 HP minion! Come take a look at the madness this Spring Update has caused!

Daily Assignments – Test Realm

Daily Assignments hit the test realm – read up to figure how to benefit!

Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

Wizard101 has a new pack – Road Warriors unite!

Wizard101 Spring Update Teasers

Another spring update looms – and KingsIsle has began to tease, so let’s take a look at what we have so far.

Wizard 101 Lifehacks

This article is just a few tips and tricks that can make your wizarding life a little easier.

Frankie Forearms Pet – How to Get Yours.

Frankie Forearms has made his way into Wizard101 for a limited time, here’s how to get yours.