Fall Update – What To Expect?


Wizard101 has been teasing their Fall Update on multiple platforms, so what all should you expect? Read to figure out!

Wizard101 Teaser – Polaris Incoming?


Wizard101 released a new teaser through KI Live today, and it hints toward the new world of Polaris.. and penguins!

What If #6 – Morganthe


Morganthe is the topic of converstaion in What If #6!

Wizard101 PvP Tactics: Card Cycling


Ever wonder how the pro PvPers win? Learn a few tips to launch overwhelming 1-2-3 combination strikes in PVP.

Wizard 101 Summer Update: A Review

Summer Update Review Banner

Eric Stormbringer breaks down his thoughts on Wizard101’s Summer Update.

(CLOSED) Wiz101: Shark Week “Caption This” Contest


Watch out for those teeth! It’s Shark Week and Duelist101 is helping Wizard101 celebrate with a “Caption This” contest.

Krokopatra Ultra Dungeon Drop List


Krokopatra Ultra Dungeon – with even more gear for exalted levels. Take a look at what Krokopatra’s Ultra Dungeon has to offer.

Meowiarty Ultra Dungeon Drops List


Meowiarty Ultra Dungeon – filled full of drops. Take a look at a cumulative list of all the drops he has for the exalted level.

Zeus Ultra Dungeon Drops List


With the latest test realm, KingsIsle introduced 4 new Ultra Dungeon. Take a look at the drop list for Zeus Ultra Dungeon for level 100!

Test Realm – Celestia Fishing

Channel Bass

Test Realm brings Celestia Fishing, and with it, 10 new fish! Take a look at the brand new fish swimming toward you in Celestia.