Wizard101 Khrysalis Part Two LIVE REALM!


Khrysalis Part Two is going LIVE!! Read on for more information.

Wizard101 Moros’ Tree Roots


Cheaters!! Hit these roots HARD or tangle with their minions. Read on for the battle details.

Wizard101 Test Realm Global Spells Bug


Wizard101 Test Realm is open and we are testing all of the updates. Check out this bug with the new Global Critical spells.

Wizard101 Level 95+ Decks


Wizard101 now has a deck with a pip. This enables players level 95 and up to begin with 5 pips. Read on for details and pictures of the decks.

Wizard101 Solar Arc Quest Guide


The Solar Arc is at the end of the Kondha Desert in Khrysalis and the path to the Shadow Creature Spells. We have the details of the quest and a video!

Khrysalis Crafting Recipes: Hat, Robe, Boots and Weapons


Wizard101 brought new crafting to Khrysalis Part 2. You’ll find all this @ Kazidan the Keeneye in Sardonyx. Hats, Robes, Boots and Weapons crafting recipes.

Wizard101 New Khrysalis Pets


New pets appear in Khrysalis part two! We will continue to add details as we learn about them.

Wizard101 Player’s Wish List


What is on your Wizard101 wish list? The Duelist Staff speaks up. See what we had to say and add your two cents here!

Wizard101 New Level 95+ Weapons


Wizard101 released two new wands to the Crowns Shop today. See the details on the Talon of Pestilence and Spear of Tenacious Resolve.

Wizard101 Discarding Under Pressure


Gorman returns with a video demonstration about discarding under pressure. Watch to see how he controls the match and gets the winning cards.