Krokopatra Ultra Dungeon Drop List


Krokopatra Ultra Dungeon – with even more gear for exalted levels. Take a look at what Krokopatra’s Ultra Dungeon has to offer.

Meowiarty Ultra Dungeon Drops List


Meowiarty Ultra Dungeon – filled full of drops. Take a look at a cumulative list of all the drops he has for the exalted level.

Zeus Ultra Dungeon Drops List


With the latest test realm, KingsIsle introduced 4 new Ultra Dungeon. Take a look at the drop list for Zeus Ultra Dungeon for level 100!

Test Realm – Celestia Fishing

Channel Bass

Test Realm brings Celestia Fishing, and with it, 10 new fish! Take a look at the brand new fish swimming toward you in Celestia.

Test Realm – New Gardening Updates!


Test Realm brings forth Gardening updates! Seed Vault, Ultra Seeds, and Plow/Plant All spells, gardeners rejoice!

Exalted Matchup Analysis: Storm vs Balance


Charles Darkflower shares his knowledge on the Exalted Storm vs Balance 1v1 matchup.

Wizard 101 PvP Tactics: Deck Segregation

Wizard101 PvP Tactics Banner

Eric Stormbringer gives insight into deck segregation, a useful principle in the top level meta.

Wizard101 – Grand Tourney Bundle


A new gauntlet bundle hits the shelves! Check out the brand new Grand Tourney Bundle!

Wizard101 Terror’s Hoard Pack


Wizard101 has released their newest hoard pack, the Terror’s Hoard Pack, filled full of Darkmoor themed items and treasure cards!

Wizard101 Aztecan Builder’s Bundle


Aztecan Builder’s Bundle is out and ready for purchase! Read on for the scoop.