Wizard101 Khrysanthemum Guide (Eloise Merryweather Quest)


Another Exotic Exhibit!eloise

Usually most of us visit this dear, silent lady when we want to stitch a piece of our gear. In Azteca, she gave us her first assignment, to collect some flowers as she had order for exhibit in Marleybone Royal Museum.

Since we did great job collecting flowers in Azteca, she decided to hire us once again. This time in Khrysalis we need to collect Khrysanthemums, six (6) of them. You wont miss them, they are BIG flowers fully colored. 🙂

Of course it is for another exhibit, but this time there is a reward. One more precious Training Point is waiting for us once we finish the quest. Yeepee!!!


Bastion [Video 1:30]

On a Ledge

Find the Khrysanthemum on a ledge overlooking Zarina the Stone Stepper.  Reach the ledge by following the left path out of the Silent Market onto a dirt path ascending toward the center of Bastion.

1 Bastion   1Bastion map


Silent Market [Video 1:52]

Behind a Rock

The Khrysanthemum waits for you behind a large rock.  Go up the stairs and to the right if you are traveling from Bastion. It is up the stairs and to the left if you are traveling from Ms. Merryweather. 

2 Silent Market2 Silent Market map


Moon Cliffs [Video 2:42]

Atop the Ramp

From Bastion, go through the Moon Cliffs almost until the Last Wood entrance.  Go up the ramp (toward the queen) and then to the right.  The Khrysanthemum is just to the right of the doorway.

3 Moon Cliffs3 Moon Cliffs map


Last Wood [Video 3:08]

In a Field

Go Northeast from the Blue Razors into an open field.  The Khrysanthemum is near the far wall.

4 Last Wood4 Last Wood map


Tyrian Gorge [Video 4:30]

On a Cliff 

Begin at the tunnel toward Zeke’s Khrycket.  (Down both ladders and to the right.) Then go across the bridge to the second tunnel.  After ascending to the top, you will find the Khrysanthemum at the edge.

Tyrian-George-Flower-Location-Shot Tyrian-George-Map


Fort Rachias [Video 5:50]

To the Left of the Devils

 Travel through Fort Rachias until you see the Devil’s Flowers.  (Pass the Gloom Dancers and the Goliath Black Bolts.)  Look to your left and there it is!

 Fort RachiasFort Rachias map



Please leave comments if you see any changes in game.  This guide was made from Test Realm.  We may find changes once this quest goes live.

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