Wizard101 Lord Of Winter 88 Ice Spell Quest


Lordy, Lordy, Lordy


This guy has an ego the size of the Spiral!  He emerges in an ice cube and breaks out with a growl.  Perched atop his throne, he beckons the winter-tides to enforce his rule.   He will wreak wintery havoc on any you send him against.

    1. How do we attain the spell?
    2. How much and what kind of damage will it do?
    3. How will we balance our decks?





The Lord of Winter spell costs 10 pips to cast and has an accuracy of 80%.

It deals 950-1050 Ice damage to one enemy plus lose 3 pips.  Losing 3 pips means losing what ever is contained in 3 pip holders, whether they are white or yellow.  This could mean the loss of pips from 3-6!




Acquiring the Spell



The spell is acquired through the Ice School. Visit Professor Greyrose for instructions when you reach level 88. Professor Greyrose will send you to Azteca to track down the magic substance knows as Silver Frore.  Then its off to Winter Tusk to summon this Lord.

The video below demonstrates how to acquire the spell. The opponents consist of a Myth boss with an Ice and a Death Minion.  

Put your best gear that resists Ice, Death, and Myth.  I took one heal and it wasn’t really necessary.  This is one of the easiest 3v1 solo battles in Azteca.  Empowerment is an excellent tool for 3vs1 battles. Towers could be helpful, but I recommend Legend and Snow Shields. I used an Ice Prism. I set up one hit, using 3 Feints on the boss and 3 blades.  Sharpened Blade and Potent Trap were used.  Those spells are available through the Sun School Obelisk in Azteca at level 86. (Click for Sun quest video.)



Deck Building Considerations

in PvP

A clear cut strategy is pertinent to building a deck. At over 5k health, Ice can survive beyond many one hit wonders.  Ice is NOT invincible; however, do not fall into a false sense of security.  Shields are necessary, even if wearing the highly resistant to Fire/Storm crafted gear.  You never know who you will find on the other side of the arena, including another Ice with your same tools.  Stun Block, Infections, Weaknesses are standard for most any deck.  Multiple Balefrosts to increase your damage while decreasing the opponents with fields (Win the Bubble War!)  With all the may cast field pets entering the arena, Balefrost may be useful in treasure deck as well.  For 1v1, Frostbite is still a fabulous shield breaker, otherwise I use Blizards and Snow Angels.  I would not use a Frost Giant into shields or if going second unless the other team is stunned.  An occasional Melt can’t hurt.  At its least, it will block an opponents ability to cast a Tower Shield, at most you can swipe a large amount of pips off of an Ice.  

Winter Moon is a spell I recommend crafting for 1v1.  It does 495 Ice damage and stuns for a round.  This could work to your advantage for a double hit.  Back to back Winter Moon and Woolly Mammoth are a feasible combination, but will depend on your pips.  Watch your gear build’s pip percentage if you plan this attack.  I like to add a couple of steal wards for those Rebirthing folks.  Snow Drifts are great when you have done significant damage and want to keep them from healing. Snag those pet heals!  For team play Cooldown is a great advantage for your deck. No matter what you choose in your deck, go in with a strategy in mind and stick with it.  

I recommend the following articles when preparing for high level PvP on ice: PvP Guide: Archmage Ice 1v1, Ask Duelist Ice 1v1, and Ask Duelist Ice 4v4.




Open Discussion in the Comments:

  • How will you build your deck?
  • Are you using your deck for 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3/4v4?
  • What cards do you plan on using in main and in side?
  • How many of each card?
If you do not have an Ice wizard, do not exclude yourself from the discussion. Add your concerns and your successes in dealing with Ice opponents.



Video below demonstrates the Lord of Winter spell quest.

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  • Awesome spell, so annoying…..

  • izabera

    poor magma man 🙁

  • Monarch

    This spell makes me question when ice spells became generally stronger than life spells.

    • Angel changed Ice for me. That was the point where I started enjoying it in PvP and I have felt it has been stronger than Life for quite some time. A friend that I PvP with uses life amulet on Ice and carries plenty of Satyrs and Rebirths. Ice doubles for Life quite easily. I have to say though, Spinysaur is a powerful spell. I sometimes forget how hard Life can hit.

  • Zubei

    I’ve had this question on my mind since mana burn was introduced, but never had a high level wizard to test it out.

    What happen when, the wizard going second has only 5 pips, and casts a 5 pip, but the wizard going first is able to burn some of the pips. Does the second wizard still cast the spell or pass?

    • The wizard going second still casts Mana Burn, it uses 5 pips, but the damage is 0 (if the target has no pips left after they cast their spell).

      • Zubei

        I meant what if the mana burn player goes first, and the 5 pip player goes second. The first wizard mana burns the second player the same turn the second player uses minotaur, so the second player doesn’t have enough pips to have minotaur.

        If you were able to follow that abomination of a sentence, I applaud you.

        • Oh! LOL. In that case, the Mana Burn damage would be based on 5 pips, and the player that goes 2nd would still cast the Minotaur. Mana Burn does not lock them out of casting the spell they already selected.

          • Yeah the second player still casts, but the second player will still lose pips for the minotaur. So if they have eight pips (four yellow) they will lose the three for the mana burn and then they will still use pips for the minotaur. So even though you techinically dont have enough pips it will use up the pips you have for it. It really helps to stop the opponent from casting a follow up spell, or to even slow the opponent from casting if hit before they hit.

  • pvp master

    Man, as a fire lover, I am terrified! Just curious Heather, what will you be doing next since this series of guides is over? Writing promethean guides?

    • This spell is a doosy for sure. Thank you for asking pvpmaster. If you can believe it, I still have wizards to level through Azteca. I will get back to PvP sooner or later. When I do, you bet! I will share what I learn. There is always a period of adjustment in the arena after a new world opens. I am looking at all the gear upgrades with Azteca and the packs. I’m not very pleased with the gear choices for PvP at this point. I’m sure I will have to craft some. Which means Turquoise and Agave Nectar, sigh. lol

      • DMT001

        The Nectar is not so bad. Can get 8 to 10 an hour in Mangrove Marsh, if it is quiet. The Turquoise, Ugh. I only had one wizard to get it for. Hours of farming solo for it and i still only managed to get a handful. I had better luck Farming Bazaar for them, only problem there is at 4000 gold a piece it is well over 100,000 gold you will be spending for them, if you can get them, got lucky once and picked up 8 in about 2 minutes, otherwise it is a long haul.

      • Jack Frost

        What was your opinion on Azteca? I have a level 84 ice wizard and find Azteca very tedious and repetitive.

        • I call it “Dragteca.” It drags on and on. I’ve also heard Lagteca. In the Khrysalis update notes, they said they toned it down a bit. It sounds like it may not have changed much. Hang in there. Khrysalis is a little better.

  • joseph

    a lord of winter into winter moon from first will be a super deadly combo

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    Um Heather plZzzzz meet me

    • Evan Silver


  • Tyrice

    plz i really need to no what gear i need to complete this mission plz.

  • Tyrice

    can anyone help me out?

  • jimmy

    Wow. Lord ‘o’ winter is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anomonus

    blizzard spamming works too.