Wizard101 Lost Pages Event



Wizard101 Lost Pages Event

New Badges

New Enemies

New Quests

Test realm opened with a new ‘Event.’ It begins in the Wizard City Library with Harold Argleston.  This is not a short event. It contains many quests.  I started off deleting cards from my decks, and ended up adding them all back.  Other worlds include: Krokotopia, MooShu, Celestia, Avalon and Azteca.


Badges? We love badges! Complete all six dungeons and receive this badge. Illuminator-of-the-Lost-Pages--Badge


What happened to the pages?


Spellwrit Screamers on Triton Ave.

Lost of course, it is a cursed tome after all. It was locked away until now. Boris misfiled it in the open stacks by mistake.  

The Carpe Diem Society unleashed the pages, now there is a crisis that might become an epidemic.  

OH NO!  

Recover the six lost pages by defeating Spellwrits. Hand them off to Harold Argleston QUICK! Don’t let the infection spread!



Hypnotherapist for Starry Eyes

The Carpe Diem Society wizards, who fell victim to this particular type of evil, vanished to hideaways.  Arthur Wethersfield serves as your guide to the students, once you have recovered each page of course.  You reach their hideouts by Dee’s  Mirrors.  The mirrors are activated near the areas where you defeat the Spellwrit enemies.

Beyond Dee’s Mirrors you reach sigils to the the hypnotized student’s hideouts. First you will defeat a room of Spellwrits, then onto the student. Once the student is defeated, they are released from the spell and no longer googley eyed. The dungeons take much less time than defeating the 10 Spellwrits in each of the six worlds.


Inside Dee’s Mirror

Give your ‘X’ marks the spot a workout. After defeating the 10 Spellwrits, leave an ‘X’ to get back for the mirror.


Wizard City

Visit Simeon for ‘Stormy Verse’ quest. Defeat 10 Spellwrit Screamers — Rank 2 Elite – Storm – 315

Discover the Lost Page of Storms. Simeon sends you with the page to Harold Argleston (‘Quiet Storm’) who stores it in the Vaulted Archives.

Next, onto Arthur Wethersfield who guides you to Kestrel Blackstorm, the Storm student affected by the Lost Pages. ‘Right as Rain’ takes you to Dee’s Mirror on Triton Avenue and into the Mysterious Tower sigil.  Inside, after you defeat Spellwrit Screamers, Kestrel attempts to storm blast you.  Once you free her,  she has a bit of rest and a spot of tea to be right as an adament.

Kestrel Blackstorm–Rank 2 Boss – Storm – 1,055 with Rotting Fodder Storm 150


Badge Earned: Scribe of the Howlin’ Wind



Visit Sargent Major Talbot for ‘Chill Whispers’ quest. Defeat 10 Spellwrit Stalkers — Rank 3 Elite – Ice – 655. (Alongside SandStalkers, Rank 3 Elite Ice at 435.)

Discover the Lost Page of Frost. Sargent Major Talbot sends you with the page to Harold Argleston (‘Quiet Chill’) who stores it in the Vaulted Archives.

Taylor-FrogheadNext, onto Arthur Wethersfield who guides you to Taylor Froghead, the Ice Student cursed by the Lost Pages. ‘Cool as Ice’ takes you to Dee’s Mirror and onto the Mysterious Tower sigil in the Krokosphinx.  Inside, after you defeat Spellwrit Stalkers, you reach the room with Taylor Froghead and face the sweeping blasts of winter.  Once you free her, Wethersfield offers her a frozen custard to settle her nerves to be right as nails.

Taylor Froghead — Rank 3 Boss – Ice – 1,610 with Ice Weaver, Ice 395


Badge Earned: Bleak Master of the Pen



Visit Xun Zhao for ‘Grave Etchings’ quest. Defeat 10 Spellwrit Ronin — Rank 5 Elite – Death – 1,065. (Alongside Cursed Ronin Myth 675)

Declan-WyrmdustDiscover the Lost Page of Woe.  Xun Zhao offers safe travels to you with the page to WC Library (‘Final Offerings’.)  Mr. Argleston puts it away safely with the others in the Vaulted Archives.

Next, back to Arthur Wethersfield to bring the death student named Declan Wyrmdust home safely. ‘Wicked Deadly’ takes you to Dee’s Mirror and to the Mysterious Tower Sigil in Ancient Burial Grounds.  Inside you defeat Spellwrit Ronans, then onto Declan Wyrmdust who threatens to show you the face of immortality.  Once you rescue him, Wethersfield takes him some almond and rose petal squares to fix him right up.

Declan Wyrmdust — Rank 5 Boss – Death – 3,840 with Death Soldier, Death 675


Badge Earned:  Quiet Writer of Epitaphs



Go to Edith Benchley for ‘Ardor’s Song’ quest.  Defeat 10 Spellwrit Wildclaws — Rank 9 Elite – Life – 1,625. (Alongside Jungle Wildclaws Fire 1,065)

Discover the Lost Page of Ardor.  Edit Benchley dismisses you to Mr. Argleston with the page.  It gets put away safely in the Vaulted Archives too.

Carson-SpritetheifNext, you know it, back to Arthur Wethersfield to relate the tale of Carson Spritethief.  ‘Semi-Charmed Life ‘ takes you to Dee’s Mirror (by Tupa Taua) and to the Mysterious Cave sigil in Floating Land. Begin by defeating the Spellwrit Wildclaws then to the cursed Carson Spritetheif.  He plans to smell your grave, return you to the earth.  Once you save him, he enjoys jam tarts. Cheery.

Carson Spritethief — Rank 9 Boss – Life – 9,877 with Rouble Rousers, Life 1,525


Badge Earned: Author of Virtue’s Poetry 



To Pike Del Largo we go.  Pick up the ‘Mythopoetic’ quest.  Defeat 10 Spellwrit Fomoris — Rank 11 Elite – Myth – 3,550.  (Alongside Red Thorn Knights, Life 3570.  There are some by the Handsome Fomoris too.)

Quinn-LegendbreakerDiscover the Lost Page of Folklore.  Pike Del Largo clears the path for you, with the page, to reach the WC Library. Where else would you take such a page? Mr. Argleston adds it to the Vautled Archives.

While the page is added to the Archives, Arthur Wethersfield helps you track down Quin Legendbreaker, the transformed Myth Student.  ‘A Wizard in Artorius’s Court’ guides you to Dee’s Mirror on the High Road to the Mysterious Tower.   To unravel the curse that possesses her, you first defeat Spellwrit Fomoris.  Then she tries to vex your dreams, but you restore her health and soul.  Her recovery speeds up with a spot of Barmbrack Cake, whatever that is.

Quin Legendbreaker — Rank 11 Boss – Myth – 16, 500 with Foul Skirker, Myth 3,750


Badge Earned: Cipher of Lost Glyphs



Last one! Off to Azteca!  You might want a break before this one. Pacal Redmask  has the quest.  ‘Scarlet Letters’ leads you to defeat 10 Spellwrit Wingtooth — Rank 13 Elite – Fire – 6,525 . (Alongside Winged Tooth Knights, Myth 5,950, some nasty buggers! Oy. Bring backup blades, they like to quake.)


Discover the Lost Page of Embers.  Pacal Redmask returns you to Harold Argleston one last time with the page for the Vaulted Archives. Considering how many pages you returned to him and the trouble it took to get them, one would think there would be a prize involved.  There is not.  (Even the IRS gives you volunteer miles, sheesh.)  Pat yourself on the back. 

Mr. Wethersfield directs you to Bentley Daysong, the leader of the Carpe Diem Society and natural-born Pyromancer.  He is consumed more than any of them and requires salvation.  ‘Fire Fly’ leads you to Dee’s Mirror to shatter the curse on Daysong.  Enter Mysterious Tower beyond Dee’s Mirror in Twin Giants.  Defeat Spellwrit Winged Tooths then watch out for the pale fire of your spirit, he is coming for it! Once you restore Daysong’s body and mind, Wethersfield offers YOU a spot of tea! 

Bently Daysong — Rank 13 Boss – Fire – 24,130 with Jaguar Shaman, Fire 4,450.


Badge Earned: Coruscating Calligrapher

 Also Badge Earned: Illuminator of the Lost Pages (Pictured here.)


Mega Snacks and Other Goodies

Dragonhorn-MelonSo far, the gear, plants and treasure cards received are equivalent to the other bosses at their ranks.  For example, no auction gear for level 88 in the Azteca Dungeon, level 78 in Avalon Dungeon. I have seen Dragonhorned Melons, level 8 Mega Snacks.  I received them from the Azteca mob and the dungeon.   I did notice a shatter with the Avalon boss. They are nice to use against Azteca bosses who like to shield.  I received several Regal Dragon Statues.  Most of the housing seemed pretty true to the worlds.  

The levels are repeatable after completion.  I did the last dungeon a few times in hopes of rare drops.  None found so far.  I am a bit curious as to where this quest will lead us. A tower full of awesome 90 gear perhaps?  (A girl can dream, ya know?!)


Rough Spots

The toughest part of this event was the time it took to complete.  The Spelwrits appear 2 to a mob section.  I felt lucky to get two in a battle.  Therefore, in order to defeat 10 Spellwrits, you end up doing 5-10 battles.  In Wizard City and Krok it didn’t seem to bother me, but in Avalon and Azteca, it seemed to drag.  

With the lack of enemies, I have concerns that when this goes live, it will become increasingly difficult to complete a quest for Spellwrits.  The first things that come to my mind are instances such as Celestia and Zafaria.  We had a terrible time getting a place to battle Lion Ravagers and when Celestia opened, the entire first two areas were clogged for months.  Hopping realms doesn’t always work when they are all busy.    I hope KI has a plan to combat this issue. 

I have over six hours of footage.  I will add the videos as soon as editing is complete.  Until then…

Happy Questing!

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    And here I was thinking that we’d finally be able to explore the mysterious restricted section of the WC library.

  • thx for this heather, so much detail and great visuals, as always. your vids are my favorite, they’re great. hopefully people enjoy this sneak peek at some of the upcoming bonus quests, woohoo

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    I just defeated the Big Ben and I don’t have enough crowns to access Mooshu. I want Marleybone have a page.

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      Me too, like I searched everywhere in Marleybone and then finally searched it up on Google and I was like WHY???

      • Luke Golden

        maybe marleybone can have a balance page??

  • Thanks Heather! Looks like it’ll be lots of fun to do. I hope we get a tower full of level 90 gear too, no doubt that we’ll have to do a couple of fights for it though 🙁

  • Thank you for the details and those stunting video graphics. I enjoyed the sneak peek

  • The Lost Pages Event ends on Friday, May 31st, so if you want those badges and prizes there’s not much time left!

  • Shadmaster

    Does the event give you a reward like when someone gifts you or do the bosses just drop cool things?

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    aw come on D: I like how it says its for everyone but u have to have to have access to those areas which means buy by zone or membership >:I no fair!

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      Triton avenue is not bought, its free!

      • Dee’s mirror in Trition Ave requires access to colossus blvd. I don’t know why, but it does

        • Luke


      • Joe N

        Yeah well with the latest mod and patches making the game astronomically more advanced in level and equipment progress, I think Kings Isle could loosen their belts some and make the whole Wizard city world free to play. I mean beyond that it get so hard, there is no way you can gain enough xp in all of wizard city to go past level 35 and no one wants to stay at that level, they are gonna pay if they want to go beyond that. Not to mention KI makes more on selling equipment and items and pack now. Why not let the poor kids have more fun in Wizard city! Come on!

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    Okay, um, is this just me because recently, I saw Dee’s storm mirror in unicorn way, checked other worlds I had completed, and no others had the mirror?

  • zeus warrior

    Wait I was just curious, do they drop dragon rider gear like KI said before.

  • Lost Events are back in play. It still ends at after the Azteca battle #6. No new aspects have been found.