Wizard101 Prizes! Mounts! Contests! {CLOSED}


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Wizard101 Friendship Festival Returns

Valentina-looks-leftValentina Heartsong will have goodies for you to buy.

Act quickly, Miss Heartsong will leave the Spiral soon. 




Multi-Person Mounts! Yay!

Treat your Battle Buddies, give them a ride on your new mount! Check out the video to see all of the mounts.  We are giving away:

  1. PhoenixBlood Ravens
  2. Great Hornocerous’
  3. Hydras
  4. Malorian Dragons
  5. Scarydactyls
  6. Winter Treants
  7. Phoenixes &
  8. Tyrannosaurus Rexes!!








Subscribe to Shadowslinger Contest

Duelist101 authors use You Tube to provide you with easy access to their videos. To find our channels, you can follow the videos on our articles or click the links on The Crew page found on the About Duelist menu.

Since this is a contest, we make it super easy to subscribe.  Push this!



Contest Starts:  February 1st

Contest Ends:  February 7th


Prizes:  A Mount will be given to

5 random subscribers

to Heather Shadowslinger’s channel.


Winners:  All contest winners will be announced here by February 10th.  

We will also post updates to Twitter and Facebook.


Update! The Winners are:


Jason Goldriver,

raziel kain,

Chester5687 &

The Creator of Necromancers.








spell list heart 1

Spells Contest

Which Wizard101 spells do you heart the most? Tell us for your chance to win a multi-person mount!

The Duelist101 Spells Tool is designed so that members of the community can hold discussions on their favorite card, leave tips for others, or let us know if we’re missing some information! Read more about the Spells Tool here.



Contest Rules:

Use the Spells List Tool to find your favorite Wizard101 spells for PvP.

You must leave a helpful comment on the SPELL’s PAGE and

tell us why you heart the spell for PvP!

You can pick any spell you want – there are over 300! Here are some examples of comments left by our Duelist contributors: Infection, Link, and Scald.



Contest Starts: February 1st

Contest Ends: February 14th


Prizes: A multi-person mount will be given to

20 people

with the most helpful comments

regarding the spells.


Winners: All contest winners will be announced here by February 18th








Battle Buddy Mount-a-Copter

a Rafflecopter giveaway




More Ways To Win

for you and your battle buddies

There is so much excitement at the Duelist101 workplace.  Additional contests will soon be released.  

Stay tuned!  

In the meantime, hang around, click a few pages.  Duelist101 is dedicated to guiding players through the complex system of PvP in Wizard101 and Pirate101. From beginner’s guides, to the finer points of game play, here you will find information to broaden your understanding of “The Arena”.  Coverage of spells and gear will provide an edge for developing strategies in each new paradigm.  Click to our most recent articles on the front page or peruse the menus and tools.




 Have Fun with the Contests!


Grab your Battle Buddy & PvP Today!







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  • I’m Blaze DragonHunter and I personally love Infection and Doom and Gloom. They just help me a lot in PvP. Whenever I use Judgement and they dont die. I cast Doom and Gloom or Infection. They will try to heal for sure. Infection will split it in half. Helping me defeat them easily. It makes it easier to defeat low health wizards.
    Tip : Train Infection! It’s really helpful and is only 1 Training point! (Nightside)
    Thank you Duelist101 For hosting another Contest!

  • Aaron Frostblossom

    I’m Aaron Frostblossom and i love the spell “

  • Edi

    Im AngusLionmender and i like the spell ,,Scarecrow”.It’s so beast when i fight Monsters or pvp 4v4.It helps me a lot.

  • the beginer

    I’m SO going to participate! The only thing is that I already have the Phoenix Mount, but an extra one is most welcomed!

  • For Contest #2 add your spell comments on THE SPELL PAGES. Use the Spells Tool to get to the pages. Good luck everyone!

  • Guest

    i will kill my self for a MOONLIGHT PONY i always dreamed of getting one
    my life will be complete

  • katie lion gem

    always wanted a scarydactyl its my lifes dream since that pack was up

  • Jasmine

    Okay, this is really cool 😀 I just found this website and i love it already, and its nice that i get a chance for a giveaway~

  • bob

    heather how do i make a YouTube account

  • bob

    and plz give me a t-Rex its the one i want

  • bob

    i want to subscribe

  • Always wanted the Malorian Dragon, such a beauty c: and also i just want a mount since my main char got muted for 10 years i’ll probably try to build up a new char and the dragon would be a great start c:

  • And also nice thing you have going on here. Great job you guys (;

  • Good Luck to you all.

  • Jack Dragonshield

    Good luck with the contests everyone!

  • Prince of Esprit

    If I had a twitter…….. Lol

  • Than you so much for the contests Duelist101!
    I <3 u guys!

  • Good Luck to all!

  • Cara

    I wish the best of luck to everyone out there! =)

  • natasha

    this is the best site ever! 🙂 thanks

  • timmy old boy


  • bob

    i want to win a T-rex

  • matthew

    how do you get someone to ride on your mount with you

    • You have to be in a group with someone to ride on a mount with them. If you click on them and then “add to group”, it should work.

    • ChoGath

      Yep, group and then you get a hit-“x” option to hop on your friend’s mount.

  • Katherine Moonwalker

    Hey Heather for the #3 contest way to enter you do one of the selections for sharing on Twitter or Facebook or do you do all of them?

    • That is up to you Katherine. You may enter one or all of them. You get more chances at winning if you enter all of them. Good luck in the contests!

  • austin

    where is the spell page?

    • Austin, there are links in the article; however, you will need to know how to get there. Look close to the top right corner of the page. You will see a menu bar for Wizard101 and one for Pirate101. Go to the far right of the Wizard101 toolbar. Click ‘Wizard101 Tools,’ then click ‘Full Spells List.’ That gets you to the main page of the Spells Lists. From there, you can find every trainable spell. Leave your comments on the page for the spell(s) you love for PvP! Good luck in the contests!

  • Hamza Ilyas

    I entered like 8 times for contest #2, I’m trying really hard to win this, I’ll be honest, If I win, I’ll literally cry! Lol. But, I won’t get my hopes to high.

  • Conor

    Hi heather. For contest 3 I wanna enter but I not on twitter or Facebook 🙁

  • Cassandra/Wolf Soulweaver

    Love the song in the video :)! #FRIENDS

  • Hamza Ilyas

    About how many people entered the second contest?

  • Hamza Ilyas


  • the creator of necromancers

    woot i won mount contest ;D thats me in picture at bottom 😀

  • Tasha Stormmask

    Make a contest to earn 5000 crowns Lvl (2 winners ,rom each lvl)10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80 and 90

  • martin

    this is cool! 😀

  • chukwuzam

    O my go ed lol. I used w101 terms. This is freaking awesome though CD

  • chukwuzam

    I mean XD. I hate auto correct sometimes