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“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” 
― Les Brown

Azteca Astrals

Wizards reaching Azteca seem to struggle with the 1v3 solo battles such as the Star and Moon Quests.  I received several requests for quest videos detailing the requirements and tips to defeat the bosses. 

Wizard101 Level 90 Moon Spells

The Azteca Star School auras for every school are discussed in the Star Spells Guide. The Moon School added three new Aztecan Polymorphs as discussed in the Moon School Guide.

The most beneficial Azteca Astral spells to PvP are the Sun Spells. Duelist101 posted a Sun Spell Guide and Quest Guide. 



Star and Moon for PvP? 

Although I do not recommend Polymorph’s for PvP, I imagine this quest will be prerequisite for future Astral School Spells.  Visit the Duelist101 Spells List for a quick reference to the spells.

Wizard101 Level 90 Star Aura Spell Cards

The Star School’s auras in Azteca have a questionable benefit.  They increase your damage or healing power while increasing some incoming damage.  They also give a pip boost for 4 rounds. Azoresgirl provides an excellent breakdown in Destiny Bluethorn’s Chronicle regarding auras for Death.  She provided comparisons of Amplify, Vengeance, Infallible and Virulence.  Her findings support Infallible, and I believe calculations for the other schools would be the same.  Read more in A Perfect Death Part 1.  Look for the section entitled “Be a Star!”


The Quests

Star School:  Third Star on the Left


Prerequisites: Reach level 84 & complete the Zafaria Astral Quests

Enemies: Wanadi Black Sky a Myth Rank 12 Boss  with 18,200 health and 2 Rank 12 Fire Smoking Mirror Zombies with 3,200 health.  

Begin at Pacal Redmask with ‘Across the Universe.’  He sends you to Tezcat Threestar for the ‘Third Star on the Left’ quest.  Threestar explains that stardust is needed to awaken the Star Obelisk.  Wanadi Black Sky holds the dust you need.  Defeat him and it is yours!  

Spells to counter: Efreet, Earthquake, Medusa/Basilisk, and other general attack spells.

Wanadi and his minions will use Star School auras, blades, traps, and begin with plenty of pips to do big damage first turn.  My attack plan included stacked blades and 3 Feints.  Wear your best fire resistant gear and bring a good pet.  Because of the Efreet, I suggest an off school wand.  Reshuffle and Empowerment are encouraged.




Moon School:  Fly Me to the Moon

Prerequisites: Reach level 88 & you must have completed the Azteca Sun School Quest

Begin at Zalen Reedwalker who explains that the obelisk must be bathed in a reflection of moonlight. It must be a pure distillation that can be reached by using the Moon Platter.  It is found in Tierra de Brea with Eke Chuah, a deathless Moon Skull spellbinder in the chamber of Red Sorrow.


Enemies: Eke Chuah is a Balance Rank 13 Boss with 18,950 health and two Rank 12 Life Moon Skull Zombies at 3,350 health.   

Spells to counter:  Eke uses Death spells in addition to Balance spells.  Expect Feint, drain spells, and Infection along with Sabertooth, Judge and Hex.  Moon Skull Zombies will use Gnomes! and have healing spells.

These enemies will use Star school auras, blades, traps, and begin with plenty of pips to do big damage first turn.  My attack plan included stacking blades and 3 Feints.  Due to the healing and drain spells, I highly recommend one hit in this instance.  Wear your best Life resistant gear and take a good pet.  Reshuffle and Empowerment are encouraged.



1v3 Strategy Break Down

I have discussed this type of strategy in several articles; however, I believe it is worth repeating and all in one place.  This strategy has served me very well throughout all 1v3 battles in Azteca.

These are solo battles. You may not bring friends with you to assist. You battle three enemies by yourself. These enemies enemies have plenty of health (up to 5x more) and pip advantage in the beginning of the battle. Too much to overcome by yourself? NO WAY! Easy! All you need is a little planning.

  • Go First!  By all means control this!  If you go in a solo battle and you the turn begins at your enemy, hit the escape key, quit the game, then click your wizard and restart.  Your wizard will be right outside the door for your battle.  Why take the risk of an opponnet shield, Earthquake or Enfeeble before your attack if you don’t have to?
  • Pip advantage – Wait them out.  They eventually run out of pips, their spells become less deadly and the battle becomes very manageable.  Shield, heal and be patient for opportunities to add your blades and Feint.
  • Deck
    • One all enemy damage spell.  4 pips? 7 pips? 8 pips? It doesn’t matter.  Whatever your school offers will work.  
    • Feints – Three different Feints usually work for me.  Trained , trained + Potent Trap, amulet, pet, treasure card, or gear card–any three Feints will work.
    • Blades – Stack ’em up!  The amount of blades is dependent upon the damage by your damage spell.  Calculate your hit before you enter battle.  Determine how many different blades you will need. Four? Five? Six?  Remember there are treasure versions of blades that will stack if you do not have them in your trained spells or on your gear.
    • Heals – Necessity!  Fairies and Satyr are usually my choice.  Heal off any damage that you don’t block, especially at the beginning of the battle.  I don’t worry about pips with this strategy and rarely use a Life Mastery Amulet
    • Shields – I carry a few for the minions and a few for the boss.  I have not been consistent with the amount I bring, but have found them helpful.
    • Convert for boss if same school.  Convert’s for minions are not entirely necessary because you have several blades, but up to you.
    • Reshuffle – Necessity! Whether in your main deck or in side deck, Reshuffle is useful.  If you are battling an enemy with Earthquake or Enfeeble that remove your needed blades, you are starting over.  Considering you may still have shields on, and the enemies have already exhausted pips, you might as well Reshuffle as opposed to restarting the entire battle.
    • Empowerment – I may sound like a broken record on this spell.  Empowerment gives you a pip every time the enemy hits you with 4 pips or over.  Additionally, Saytr’s give you a pip back.  Free pips? Why not! It only costs one turn and gives you pips for four turns.  When enemies are hitting you with 4+ pip spells constantly, the pips add up fast.  It’s like getting free pips for heals 🙂
    • Pierce and Cleanse Charm – I carry a couple of each in side deck.   Every so often they are needed.
    • Damage Aura – I recommend Infallible if you are going to use one, but the Azteca aura would work as well.

    turning gear pic

    Not this kind of gear! What Pirate hijacked my post?

  • Gear – Whatever gear you have in your backpack or that you can find in the bazaar with the greatest resist to the minions at least.  There is great gear out there, but don’t worry too much about the perfect set up.  Of course universal resist or resist to both the minions and boss is preferred.  The higher resist you have, the less you will need heals and shields.  Know your enemy before you go in.  As in the case of Eke above, they may carry off school hits.
  • Pet – A healing pet with resist is indicated here.  You are alone after all, why not take the only help available?
  • Sucker Punches – It is possible for these enemies to Critical a massive hit with blades and traps on you.  It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.  Start over and move on if it happens.

When all else fails, read up and watch a video!  We have covered all the Azteca 1v3 solo battles on Duelist101.com.  Look under Other W101 Guides>>Spell Guides or enter your spell in the search on the main page.  


If you have additional recommendations to assist others in these battles, add a comment below! If you have helpful information about the Star and Moon spells from Azteca, please leave comments on the specific spell in the Spells List so everyone can find them.

Happy Questing!


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