Mooshu Zeke Training Point Quest: Blue Oyster Guide


Mooshu: Blue Oyster Guide.

By. Master Of Wraiths.

Welcome to another installment of Guides for Zeke’s Pesky Quests, where we provide videos detailing how to find the objects of Prospector Zeke’s quests.


First Jade Palace Blue Oyster

The Blue Oyster in Jade Palace lays below a tree. When entering the main area of Jade Palace, turn left towards Shoshun Village and look below the tree in the middle of the pond.



Second Jade Palace Blue Oyster

The second Jade Palace Oyster is located near the entrance to Yoshihito Temple. Go to the left of the sand area, behind the cherry tree.

Mooshu Zeke Training Point Quest jade palace


Hametsu Village Blue Oyster

Mooshu Zeke Training Point Quest hametsu village


Shoshun Village Blue Oyster

Mooshu Zeke Training Point Quest Shoshun Village


Kishibi Village Blue Oyster

Go past the teleportation hub, to the left over the little bridge, and then up the hill to where Mossback stands. The blue oyster is hiding behind the well.

Mooshu Zeke Training Point Quest kishibe village


Shirataki Temple Blue Oyster

In Shirataki Temple, the blue oyster is right outside the final building where you kill the Oni for the quest. Look next to the stairs.

Mooshu Zeke Training Point Quest shirataki temple


Yoshihito Temple Blue Oyster

When you come from Jade Palace, the blue oyster is at the far side of the temple in the middle of the area. It’s on the side that leads to Village of Sorrow, between two statues.

Mooshu Zeke Training Point Quest yoshihito temple


Village of Sorrow Blue Oyster

The Village of Sorrow Oyster is in the central area. When coming from the teleportation hub, go towards the Town Dojo, but a little bit to the right.

Mooshu Zeke Training Point Quest village of sorrow


Tree of Life Blue Oyster

The Tree of Life oyster is inside the instance, but fear not! You don’t have to go very far. Just go to the pool with the tree of life. First, find Yishin Chen and walk in the direction he is walking to the far end of the wall.

Mooshu Zeke Training Point Quest tree of life


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Video Time Index

Jade Palace: 0:00, 0:09

Hametsu Village: 0:20

Tatakai Outpost: 0:30

Shoshun Village: 0:40

Kishibe Village: 0:50

Shirataki Temple: 0:57

Yoshihito Temple: 1:08

Village of Sorrow: 1:19

Tree Of Life: 1:30


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