Misthead’s Spiral Tour: Part One

Comparison of the Main Quest Lines
of the Wizard101 Worlds

Part 1: Wizard City – Krokotopia – Marleybone – Mooshu – Dragonspyre

Anyone who has quested through the Spiral has noticed that not every world is the same. Some are much longer than others. Some have more dungeons, while others have more Defeat and Collect quests. This article will add some specific numbers to how the worlds differ from one another. In part 1 we will look at the first arc, so Wizard City through Dragonspyre.


Quests and Tasks

As you know, a quest is a series of tasks that have to be completed in order to get xp and advance in the story line. As such, you may have realized some quests have only one task (e.g. talk to Ceren Nightchant), while others might consist of many things (talk + mob + boss + interact + talk).

If this reminds you of my main quest line guides, good! This article is based on the information from my main quest line guides. We have these guides:

Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre

Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon Azteca, Khrysalis, Polaris Mirage

Wysteria Grizzleheim Wintertusk


Amount of Main Quests

In this article, we’re focusing on the first arc, but I think you might find it interesting to first get an overview of all the worlds. As such, let’s start with the amount of main quests in every world, and then move on to this article’s worlds afterwards. I’m sure no one will be surprised when I say Khrysalis rules the Spiral with the highest number of quests. It has a staggering 287 quests, which contain 808 tasks in total. Second in line — again, not a surprise — is Azteca with 196 quests (containing 509 tasks). Khrysalis and Azteca together cover a quarter of the main quest line quests in the whole Spiral.

On the other side of the spectrum we obviously have Wysteria (38 quests – 117 tasks) and Wizard City (39 quests – 89 tasks). Marleybone and Wintertusk come in next with 50 and 51 quests respectively.

Personally, I was amazed to see Mooshu, Celestia and Polaris each have almost the same amount of quests! Polaris has 99 quests, Celestia 95 and Mooshu 91. To me, Polaris has always felt much shorter than Celestia. The same is true for Dragonspyre and Mirage: while DS has 107 and Mirage 110, DS has always felt much longer. It’s probably due to the fact that I’ve done Dragonspyre quite many times, while Mirage is still fresh and new for me.

misthead's spiral tour part 1


The Average World

Let’s first take a look at what kind of quests the average Wizard101 world would have! This world doesn’t exist, but is a theoretical version that is the average of all the worlds combined. To begin with, the average world would have 107 quests. This is exactly the amount of quests Dragonspyre happens to have, but that’s a mere coincidence. Dragonspyre is not all that close to being the average world, other than with the number of quests.

As explained earlier, quests consist of different kinds of tasks. Our average world would have 46% talking tasks. We do talk a lot, don’t we? Or maybe you’re like me and just press the space bar a lot? The second most common kind of task would be interacting, with 15%, closely followed by exploring with 13% of the tasks.

Next, we have the actual WORK that needs to be done. The average world would have 9% boss tasks and 9% mob tasks. Defeat and collect tasks would count for 4% of the task total. I’m glad it’s this way and not the other way around. I have terrible luck with defeat and collect tasks!

There would be 2% cheating bosses. However, counting that average is kind of useless, because 7 of the Spiral’s worlds don’t even have any cheaters in the main quest line. We’ll look at that more closely once we get to the part where we discuss each world separately.

All we have left is 1% of collect quests. Phew! I don’t like collect quests very much, because I multibox and collecting 10 things 4x is just way too many things.

I’ve rounded all these percentages, but if we want to be accurate, there’s a measly 0,4% left, of which 0,3% is accounted for by puzzle tasks. I personally love puzzle tasks in dungeons and wish we would see more of those! In addition, there would be 0,1% fights where you fight more than one boss at the same time. 

misthead's spiral tour part 1

Next, let’s take a look at Wizard City through Dragonspyre and compare these worlds to the bigger picture. I will hang on to the colors that I’ve used in the image above.


The First Arc’s Main Quest Line


Talk Tasks

Wizard City is the first world you do and wow, are they chatty there! Of all the task types, talking tasks are by far the most common, with 69%. In fact this is the most talking you will do in the whole Spiral, unless you decide to do Wysteria. Those pigs are even worse chatterboxes than our dear professors in Wizard City, with 73% of the tasks being talking tasks. More about that in part 3!

Krokotopia has marginally less talking tasks than Wizard City: 59%. Marleybone, with 49% talking tasks, is very close to what the average of all the Wizard101 worlds would be (which was 46%). As you can see from these first three worlds, the amount of talking tasks has been steadily declining. Next, in Mooshu, we go back up to 57% talking quests, and then down again to 44% in Dragonspyre.

All in all there isn’t much to say about the frequency of these types of tasks. It’s logical that there’s many of them because talking to people makes it feel like someone cares about whether we do the quest or not, I guess. Those people who like reading the lore probably appreciate these quests the most.

My favorite talking tasks are probably the ones in Dragonspyre with Zarathax, where you enter several chambers to interact with the crystals, one of which is missing. It’s just a nice sequence, especially since Zarathax happens to be one of my favorite NPCs. I think it’s his lisp and the terrible grammar that pull me to his side: “Sssee? You hasss all the power. I do not lie. Tsss! I helpsss you do good.”


Explore Tasks

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this type of tasks so early into the game. There no real pattern to the changes in the number of explore quests in the first arc. While you do a lot of exploring in each of these worlds, the explorations don’t show up in my data. That’s because most of them aren’t a task inside the quest like they are in later worlds. This means you won’t hear the “task complete” sound that we have come to love so much.

Both Wizard City and Krokotopia have only 3% explore quests. Marleybone has 10% explore quests, Mooshu 7% and Dragonspyre 6%. All of these stay below the average of 13% when we look at the “average” world.


Polaris is the world where you do the most exploring tasks. Explore tasks make up 24% of the tasks in its main quest. Lovely to hear that “quest completed” sound so often! More about Polaris in part 2!


Interact Tasks

Interact tasks are tasks where you have to press x close to a certain object. The amount of interact tasks grows steadily as you quest through the first arc. In fact, the decline in talking quests coincides with the popularity gain of interact tasks for these worlds. So you’re talking less but interacting more. Wizard City has 1% interact tasks, Krokotopia 3%, Marleybone 10%, Mooshu 14% and Dragonspyre 22%.

Interact tasks are nice and easy, like the one in the Ironworks in Marleybone where you pick up the plans from a table for Baxter. Sometimes, they do require a bit of running, like that annoying quest to find the key below a pile of dirt in the Royal Hall in Krokotopia.



Collect Tasks

By collect tasks I mean the following: “interact tasks where you interact with more than 2 of the same item in a row”. This task type is pretty rare. We have two collect tasks in Wizard City, which comes down to 2%: the 4 bone cages in Unicorn Way and the Barrels of Lumina Crystals in Triton avenua.

Krokotopia also has one (which accounts to 1%). It’s the one in the Hall of Champion where you have to collect 10 gemstones without getting caught by the mobs roaming the street. I thoroughly dislike this quest, as 10 turns into 40 when I quest 4 new characters through Krokotopia. This requires so much running and realm changing!

Mooshu has three collect tasks (which comes down to 2%): the one where you have to interact with the three Scout Towers to set them on fire, the one where you pick flowers and the one where you destroy the diseased mushrooms.


Mob Tasks

The world in the first arc with the most mob tasks is, surprisingly, Marleybone. However, these mob battles are not spread out evenly throughout the world. They are mostly concentrated in the last area and its instances, Counterweight East and West and Big Ben. They account for 16% of the tasks in the world. Dragonspyre comes second with 13% of mob tasks, which are fairly evenly distributed throughout the whole world. There aren’t many mobs in the other three worlds: Wizard City has 6%, Mooshu 5% and Krokotopia 4%.

My least favorite world of these to do mob battles in is Dragonspyre. Somehow I feel like the mobs in Dragonspyre walk extra slow, thus making me have to wait to attack until they have joined the battle circle.


In fact, Marleybone is the world in the whole Spiral with the highest percentage of mobs. Second in line is Mirage with 14% of its tasks being mob tasks. We’ll get back to that in part 3!


Defeat & Collect Tasks

Defeat and collect tasks are rare in the first arc. Wizard City has the most, with 10% of its task being D&Cs. Luckily it’s rare not to collect in this world. Second in line is Krokotopia, with 5%. The other three worlds are strangely void of D&C tasks: 3% in both Mooshu and Dragonspyre and 1% in Marleybone. In Marleybone’s case, it looks like they decided to balance give up D&C tasks in favor of mob tasks.

I’m not a fan of defeat and collect quests. Nobody is, I would think. However, in the first arc, we can’t complain about the number of them. We’ll save that for Zafaria in the second arc, shall we?


Boss Tasks

Krokotopia has a crazy amount of boss battles, as 24% of all the tasks are boss battles! That’s a huge amount compared to the other worlds, with the Marleybone and Mooshu tying for second place with 13%. Dragonspyre has 12% boss tasks and Wizard City comes in last with 9%.

However, please note that the average world has 9% boss battles as well, so Wizard City might be last in this arc, but still has a fair amount of boss battles compared to some of the later worlds. Obviously none of the bosses in the first arc cheat. There also aren’t any battles where you face more than one boss at a time.

Personally, I liked the exorbitant amount of boss battles in Krokotopia, because I prefer boss battles over mob battles. It’s annoying to have to wait for mobs to join the battle circle. I’m too impatient! My favorite boss is Maito in Mooshu, because his name means “milk” in Finnish. Other favorites in Mooshu are Oyotomi the Defiler and Jade Oni, because of their drops you can farm for.


Puzzle Tasks

Last but not least, we have puzzle tasks! Unfortunately, my data doesn’t represent these completely correctly. It isn’t entirely accurate, because not all puzzles are represented in the main quest line. While they are required to advance, they don’t advance your quest. As such, Krokotopia has 4 puzzles in the main quest line, but in reality has 6. Three of those are inside the instance the Vault of Ice, and the last three are in the Temple of Storms.

The riddles in Temple of Storms give me that nostalgic feeling whenever I do them:

  • “Those things that live must shine bright. Those things that do not live, must remain dark.”
  • “The lighting in here isn’t quite right for a Storm.”
  • “The Sun shines down on the Tree. The tree shades the Snake. The Snake hisses at the Beetle. The Beetle runs away.”

Likewise, there are puzzles in Marleybone, but they’re not represented in the main quest line. There is the puzzle in the final instance Big Ben, remember that one? In addition, in Ironworks, you have one puzzle (lighting the the chimneys) and in Katzenstein’s Lab you have two to open up the gates, and one where you turn off the smoking chimneys. That makes a total of 5 puzzles!

I would love to see more puzzles in future worlds, because I love figuring out how they work. If there is anything I could wish for for future worlds, it would be more puzzle quests. They’re silly little things, but I think they’re fun and break the mindlessness of questing a little.



The first arc is nice and easy with no task type being overwhelming. Well, that is, unless you found the amount of bosses in Krokotopia overwhelming of course. These first worlds are perfect for new wizards to get into the groove, while preparing them for what’s to come. No cheating bosses yet, no double boss fights, nothing all too difficult. I’ve quested through the first arc way too many times. Still, after looking at this data, I feel I need to be proud of the job KI has done with them.


Was anything a surprise in this article?
Let us know in the comments!

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