Throwback Thursday – April Fools’ Items

Happy NOT April Fools’ Day

It’s finally Thursday and that means that tomorrow is Friday, and we all love Fridays! (unless you’re on Spring Break). Throwback Thursday has hit the Crown Shop bringing with it our favorite April Fools’ items. Almost all 5 April Fools’ mounts made it back except for the coolest mount ever, the Coolest Mount Ever. This year’s mount decided to skip this throwback, possibly because of the upcoming warm Summer weather.

Coolest Mount Ever

April Fools' Items Coolest Mount Ever

Currently not available

For any of you who missed these mounts in past years, you now have a chance to obtain them, so don’t wait any longer! Additionally, you can get the ludicrous Pet Rock and Trolling Stone pets from the Crown Shop as well. 

Pet Rock – 2011

2900 Crowns

Trolling Stone – 2012

2900 Crowns

Let’s take a look at the mounts you can get today and when they first hit the Crown Shop for the very first time.

Slowpoke Sloth – 2013

April Fools' Items Slowpoke Sloth

1750 Crowns

Mighty Steed – 2014

April Fools' Items Mighty Steed

3750 Crowns

Wonky the Donkey – 2015

April Fools' Items Wonky the Donkey

4000 Crowns

Rubber Ducky – 2016

April Fools' Items Rubber Ducky

3750 Crowns

Will you be getting any of these cool April Fools’ items and which one is your favorite?

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