Mega Pets: Worth Training?

Here Come the Mega Pets

One of the most anticipated updates from Test Realm is the introduction of Mega Pets.  That’s right, now your pet can level up more and gain another talent.  It has led to all new acronyms, such as STUPD (Spritely, Guardian Wall aka May Cast Tower Shield, Unicorn, Spell Proof, and Spell Defying), and speculation as to what will be the latest must-have talent combination for an arena pet.

To Train or Not to Train

What’s the Cost?

To get to Mega, you need to reach 2000 pet XP at 10 pet energy per game.  Think about it.  That’s a huge time and gold/Crown investment!  You could have hatched a new pet and trained it to Epic.  It only takes 1875 pet XP to train a pet to Epic

For an Archmage character, you have about 77 energy but with energy gear, you may have more.  Say, you can get about 10 games per session, but if you want to train that pet within a week’s time, you’d have to use energy refills and mega snacks.

Some have said that with 40 Fancy Yogurts, they could easily train to Mega in 4 sessions.  Even if you do have 40 Fancy Yogurts, do you really want to chance it?  You can get a selfish talent at Mega just as much as you can get a selfish talent at Epic. Of course, some members have used Test Realm as a way to preview those mega talents, though at this time, we’re not sure if what’s gotten at Test will be transferred over to Live.

Sadly, some of us may have to think about taking that Mega journey without the help of Test Realm.

Bonus!  Like, really?

Maybe you have a SPUD pet.  It’s arena-ready and perfect.  Any extra talent is going to make it even better, right?  Sadly, no.  Really take the time to think about this.  Is Mana Bounty going to be worth it for you?  Is Life Shot worth the climb to Mega?  How about Crafty?

Moreover, if your pet is perfect now, you have a chance of ruining it as a breeding pet once you add an undesirable talent.

And yes, *sob* I did get Mana Bounty at Mega on one of my best arena pets while in Test Realm, so it can happen.

Just One More to Perfect

Epic Polar Cat Pet - Baby Snoopie

I know, what a heartache.  It would be a perfect Cinderella story if your almost-perfect pet became perfect at Mega.  That pet you left at home could suddenly turn into the best pet ever!

Look at this Polar Cat.  All sorts of good things could happen at Epic.  Spell Defying would give more resist.  Unicorn might be good, so would a school-specific Giver.  Unless you’re the gambling sort (and if you are, some tips below), my advice to you is to go hatch a new pet.

You can have all sorts of hopes and dreams for your pet, but if it doesn’t work out, not training to Mega will save you some grief.


Which Pet to Train?

OK, so you’ve decided you have to at least try.  But which pet to train?  First of all, it’s going to help if you know a lot about your pet.  Self-hatches are going to be better here rather than hatches with strangers.  I’ve trained several pets to Mega on Test Realm and I can say with much certainty that the Mega talent is usually what I call a “grandparent” talent.  If you hatched with a stranger, then you may not know much about that side of the family.  You can make educated guesses.  Or ask your hatching partner to identify those non-manifested slots.

Reading the Petnome

So here’s one of my favorite PvE pets.  I love that I can stack those blades.  This pet also Unicorns and Sprites A LOT.  However, there are many times when the mob just has 36 health left over after a bladed Centaur so Pain Giver would be useful.  I also fizzle a lot even though Life spells are 90%.  Go figure.  However, if you look at the picture, this pet will never manifest Sharp Shot or Pain Giver.  Those are Ultra-Rare talents and lie atop of Spell Proof. What would be really great is if I could get Feinting Spell on this pet at Mega.  There’s a possibility of that since the parent Frostcaller does get Feinting Spell and has passed it to other offspring. The only thing is that I hatched at Adult, so Feinting Spell might have dropped out of the petnome.

The Uncommon, hmm, I’m thinking that could be Death talent (from the original Nightmare with Unicorn) or Sprite Time (runs in the family).  The one Epic, likely to be Guardian Wall, if from my side of the family.  I don’t know much about the Aqua Dragon parent.

The Family Tree

Here’s information about this pet. The asterisk means non-manifested talent.

LADY ROSCOE (Mister Rufus + Aqua Dragon at Adult: Spritely, Spell Defying)
Spell Proof, Blade of Life, Unicorn, Spritely

Lady Roscoe’s offspring:

PRINCESS CLEO II (Lady Roscoe + Princess Champ)
Blade of Life, Pip O Plenty, *Unicorn, *9% Spell Proof

PRINCE MINNIE (Lady Roscoe + Sprite: Cloud of Bugs, Snow N Tell)
Life Shot, Spell Proof, *Cloud of Bugs, *Snow N Tell

SIR MIA (Lady Roscoe + Duke Chase) Unicorn did not transfer
Ice Trap, *Pip O Plenty, *Blade of Life

MISTER EMMA (Lady Roscoe + Life Minotaur: Unicorn, MC Tower, Spell Proof)
*MCTower, *Spell Proof, *Blade of Life

Lady Roscoe’s parent:

MISTER RUFUS (Lord Oscar + Nightmare at Adult: Unicorn, Feinting Spell)
Spell Proof, Unicorn, *Blade of Life, *Feinting Spell

The Result

So what do you think this pet got at Mega on Test Realm?

Spell Defying would be a good guess since the parent Aqua Dragon did manifest Spell Defying. That would be an excellent addition to this talent set. Did you guess Spell Defying?

From Lady Roscoe’s offspring, it seems like Pip O Plenty is a possibility. There is in fact a Rare on the petnome right where Pip O Plenty is situated. Did you guess Pip O Plenty?

Or do you think I lucked out? As I told you, Lady Roscoe’s half-sister manifested Feinting Spell. Actually turned out with the same talents as Mister Rufus: Spell Proof, Unicorn, Blade of Life, and Feinting Spell. Did you guess Feinting Spell?

And the answer is in the grandparents. I’m lucky that it didn’t come from the Nightmare side or the Aqua Dragon side or it would have been complete surprise.

Let’s go back a few generations to grandparent and great-grandparent.

LORD OSCAR (Lord Pepper + Queen Emma)
Spritely, MC Tower Shield, +110 Health Gift, Sprite Time

QUEEN EMMA (Lady Lily + Sir Duncan)
+109 Health Gift, 9% Spell Proof, MC Tower Shield, Spritely

The Mega talent for Lady Roscoe: da da da DAH! Guardian Wall aka May Cast Tower Shield!

In conclusion, whether you train to Mega or not is up to you. Hopefully, this guide allows you to make better choices on which pet to take to Mega.

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  • Nicholas Dragonrider

    I personally think its not worth it unless you know its a talent you would find very useful. Like a spud pet with a school specific damage giver, or pain, or guardian wall, even pips o’ plenty would be nice for us elementals. Just really a gamble for future pets

  • I am just hoping that KI nerfs the requirements for getting a pet to mega, say by halving the experience needed at ALL levels. Still would take much longer than getting a pet to epic right now, but at least it would be doable. Please, KI!

  • Monarch

    I think the only pets worth the training are pets that give more spells when leveled like red ghost and rain beetle. Whether you succeed or not in getting a better talent you still get a guaranteed reward.

  • Siex99

    2000xp is just way to much to make it worth it. And 40 fancy yogurts will go by fast if you dare chance for multiple pets. If it were me that made the nerf to mega level exp, I would at least make it 1500. Doubling the exp from baby to epic was fine, but doubling it from epic to mega is just a waste of time.

    • They should make a “Meta Snack” as a rare drop that gives 500 XP. I would go for that!

      • Monarch

        Oh gosh i would use that on a baby pet to just to see all the nice prizes i would get.

      • Brahm is Awesome!

        Hi azoresgirl! I have a pet that educated guess has
        1- Epic- Mulligan’s Shuffle (Reshuffle card)
        2- Pip o Plenty (+4%* pip chance)/ pain bringer (+3% universal damage)
        3- Sharp Shot (+5% accuracy*)
        4- Pain-Giver (+5% universal damage*, manifested)
        5- Vehement Vanquisher (May cast Conviction, manifested)
        6- Spell-Proof (+8% universal resist*, Manifested)
        7- Spell Defy (+4% resistance*) or Sprtely (May cast Sprite)
        8- Fairy Friend (May cast fairy) or Death Giver (+5% death damage*)
        9- Incredibly Infallible (May cast Infallible)
        10- Storm-Giver (+5% storm damage*, manifested)
        *Unoptimal value (212 strength, 194 intellect, 210 agility, 200 will, 196 power)
        67 pedigree 0 common, 2 uncommon, 2 rare, 2 ultra rare, 4 epic.

  • FaclonerET

    My pet is too close to SPUD to not train it.

  • glAm balance girl

    wow my pet is only an teen day:)

  • MT

    Hi guys,I spent enough mega on bad talents,I got tired of playing boring pet games with no reward.the problem with my pets is that (the deer knight rises) runs in the family.I want to start from a new pet,I want to make self hatches since my pets never get my partner’s (good talents) even If he had a perfect pet.on which pet do I start the new “pet family tree” and with what pets do I hatch? I want spiritely proof defy (unicorn or may cast tower shield.)advices please….

  • fire is the best

    i have a queen fairy and it is teen and its may cast fairy already should i train it to mega?

    • I would train it to adult, and then decide. If it manifests a trait at adult that you don’t like, then hatch it and train the new pet.

  • chrystall

    i have a polar bear that cast fairy and balance blade ( its adult) should I lvl it up to mega?

    • FruitNinjaDragon

      Train it a bit and see what happens. If it fails at ancient dont continue training

  • releventdark

    with the new gauntlets pagoda and winterbane gold is easy to make and you also get mega snacks as drops. second it cost no crowns unless you buy mega snack packs (waste) and if you buy pets from the crown shop. in pagoda and winterbane i can farm it for one day straight and make over 200k plus you get mega snacks and tons of rare gear. it is not whether or not they are worth training it is if you willing to put the time in and if you know what your doing. make sure your pets can learn good talents like defy and spritely or fairy even or you could breed the talent in when you mix with another pet who has it. it does take ts lot of time but if you are a huge pvp player this will come in handy.

    ps. it is only 6 energy not ten

    • Luke

      That’s for adult lol.

  • Bnav

    Hey I have an ancient pet who may cast unicorn,may cast life shield and give pluse two life attack. Should I train it to mega? The blank talents say one uncommon, two rare, and three ultra rare

  • Luke

    Okay I have an eyecaramba it is ancient and has may cast pixie, pain giver, and may cast pierce. It has five epics including mc pierce. The parent eyecaramba got spell defying, sprite, unicorn, pain- giver, and pixie. should I train it pass epic?

  • Christina angle flower

    I don’t know if I should get my magma colossus any further in training, now it’s ancient and may cast fairy, healing current, and gives plus 20 critical rating, hope someone can answer

    • Luke

      It depends on your talents you can possibly manifest on it, like my pedigree 77 eyecaramba is totally going to mega if the singular uncommon is fairy, otherwise its not. It also has no rares no common sixth epics and tree ultra rares, got unicorn at teen. The eyecaramba parent was MC Fairy, Pain, MC Pierce and MC Unicorn, and a uncommon on the parent, I figured was probably Health Gift, so that is my only other option I can think of. That, for me is a great pet to train to mega.

      • Luke

        Also, its potentially much easier to tell whether you want to take it to mega once it is an epic, I didn’t have much trouble deciding, but I want my new eyecaramba at adult at least before the older goes to mega.

  • Elizabeth

    how u get cloud o bugs

    • Lari

      I don’t think it is still possible. Spells such as that eg may cast hydra are Ki employes pets. Unless you were able to some how find one, there is no way to get the talent

  • Pete Mayes

    Yes, but I have a nutcracker that has: guardian wall, spell-proof, lively, and ice eye. And if I happen to get lucky getting it toegalitarian will give me the uncommon fairy friend which is fortunately very likely upon three other talents
    so for me, it’s worth taking the risk.