Guide to Making Enchanted Treasure Cards in Wizard101: Part I

This guide covers the basics of making enchanted/enhanced treasure cards.

  1. What are they?
  2. Why make them?
  3. How to do it.
  4. Where to do it.
  5. What you can and can’t do.

1.  What are enchanted cards?

Enchanted cards are treasure cards that you make by applying either accuracy treasure cards or damage treasure cards to your trained spells.
You can also apply mutates, cloak, simplify, and elucidate.  We will explain those in a later guide.  For this beginner’s guide, we will focus on accuracy and damage enhancements.

To increase accuracy, you can use:

  • keen eyes – 10%
  • accurate –  15%
  • sniper – 20 %
  • unstoppable – 30% acc and 15% armor piercing
  • extraordinary  – 35% acc and 20% armor piercing

To increase damage, you can use:

  • tough  + 75
  • strong + 100
  • giant  + 125
  • monstrous  + 175
  • gargantuan   + 250
  • colossal  + 300

2.  Why make enhanced cards?

A.   Boost  Damage

Enchanted cards are very useful when you want extra added damage for a big hit.  In low level pvp, most experienced players enhance their regular spells with monstrous treasure cards.  You can buy monstrous treasure cards from the  bazaar or the archivist in Celestia.   Higher level players can use gargantuan and colossal treasure cards.  You can make the cards ahead of time and put them in your side deck, or you can make them as you go.

B.  Improve Accuracy

You can also enhance a card’s accuracy when you want to make sure a card does not fizzle.  Storm is a notorious for its low accuracy when you are a beginner.  Applying sniper to your damage cards will help with the fizzle blues.  If you are a life wizard or have trained some life, I find it very useful to have accuracy enhanced rebirths, satyrs, and sprites in my side deck, just in case I need an emergency heal that will not fizzle.

You can accuracy enhance any trained spell card that does not already have 100% accuracy.   One exception is you ARE allowed to accuracy-enchant the 100% accuracy spell Insane Bolt (e.g.  put Unstoppable on it,  and the card will read “130% accuracy + 15% Armor Pierce” ).


Spells that you can apply accuracy boosts to:

  • Storm:  ?
  • Ice:  steal ward, freeze, ice armor
  • Fire:  steal charm, choke
  • Life:  sprite, satyr, rebirth, regenerate, dryad
  • Death:  beguile
  • Myth: stun
  • Balance:  helping hands, availing hands, weakness

C.  Save Gold

If you have a trained spell that you want a treasure card version for your side deck, you can make your own accuracy enhanced treasure cards for the fraction of the cost to buy a treasure card at the bazaar.  For example, a Satyr costs 1000 gold from the Zafaria library.  If you trained Satyr, you can keen eyes (cost of 20 gold)  a Satyr ahead of time,  and put it in your side deck for an emergency heal.  Granted, the heal is less than the treasure card version, but it’s a lot cheaper.

Similarly, beguile costs around 1600 gold at the bazaar.   If you are death, you can make your own enchanted beguile for 20 gold using keen eyes.  You save 1480 gold!

3.  How to make Enchanted Cards

  • Put the cards you want to enchant in your main deck and the treasure card enhancements in your side deck.
  • Click away the cards you don’t need, saving a wand spell to kill the wooden construct (if you are in Golem Tower).
  • Draw the treasure card from your side deck and apply them to each card.
  • Right click the finished cards in order to put them into your side deck.
  • Finally, put your enhanced cards in your main treasure card collection.

For example, I want to monstrous a skeletal pirate, poison and have a more accurate beguile to put in my treasure deck for later use.

Main Deck
I put a poison, skeletal pirate, and beguile in my main deck.


Side Deck
I put 2 monstrous and a keen eyes treasure card in my side deck.


Draw Treasure Cards from your Side Deck
Next, I go into battle and click away most of my wand spells in order to get the cards I want to enchant.


Apply Treasure Card Enhancement
I draw the treasure cards from my side deck.  Then, I apply the treasure card to the card I want to enchant.


Apply Treasure Card Enhancement
In this example, I have enhanced the skeletal pirate with a monstrous card.  Next, I enchant the poison card with a monstrous treasure card.


Apply Keen Eyes
Repeat with the remaining cards.  In this example, the only one left to do is keen eyes the beguile card.


Enhance Beguile
Keep going until you finish.


Enhancement Complete
An Enchanted Poison
Enchanted Beguile


And now you have your finished enchanted cards.  Right click the cards to put them into your side deck.
They now can be added to your treasure card collection for future use.

4.  Where to make them

I prefer Golem Tower because its a non-port tower, and you can easily kill the wooden construct with a wand spell.  Other people make their cards on Unicorn Way,  Lady Blackhope’s Tower, or in a house arena.    One tip:  If you do not want your wizard to gain any experience points, you can escape or flee after making your cards.

5.  What You Can and Can’t Do

You can:

  • Enhance all damage cards for either increased damage or accuracy.  This includes x pip spells like heckhound , judgement, and tempest.
  • Apply damage enhancements to Death drain spells.   Two-thirds  of the enhancement goes to damage and  one- third goes to the health drain.
  • Sell enchanted cards at the bazaar, but you only get one gold.

You can’t:

  • Apply both damage and accuracy enhancements to one card.
  • Enchant pet cards, other treasure cards, or gear cards i.e. amulet cards
  • Trade enchanted cards.
  • Enchant cards that have 100% accuracy.
  • Use enchanted cards in crafting recipes.

In future articles, we will describe other cards that can be used to make enchanted cards.

  • Mutates
  • Cloak
  • Simplify
  • Elucidate

A very good guide to spells can be found here: Ramesses II Complete Guide to Spells
Other guides: How to Make Treasure Cards in Wizard101
A bit of history on why Kings Isle banned enchanted card trading: Final Word on Enchanted Card Trading

I hope this helps.  We welcome any comments, suggestions, and questions!

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  • mmailliw

    I like this, but there are two things I think aren’t quite right about this:

    1) I think that the ratio of enchantment to death drains is actually 2/3:1/3 (2/3 of the enchantment goes to damage boost and 1/3 to death drain)

    2) I’m not sure how much of an exception this is, but last time I checked, I thought you ARE allowed to accuracy-enchant the 100% Accuracy spell Insane Bolt (e.g. put Unstoppable on it and the card will read “130% accuracy + 15% Armor Pierce” – at least that’s how my side deck bolts)

    • Yeah, bolt is the exception. You can accuracy enchant any attack spell (because they can take the armor piercing stat), but no other attack spells are 100% accurate by default.

    • ivanna

      Thanks for catching that. I’m off to test the ratio for death spells and check the accuracy enchantments for insane bolt. I shall correct the article asap.

  • Psylent Night

    Ooh this is good. I wondered where Nick was buy his 415 damage scorpion treasures in the Discarding video. I assumed there was some shady back room at the bazaar.

    • lol Psy. Been making enchanted TC’s since I started PvP.. I didn’t even think about it being something that needed explained.

      • DMT001

        You know what Nick, I played the game for almost a year before my 7 year old at the time showed me how to do it., Lol, this was before I started PvP.

        I know Sad. I did not whtch the tutorial at the begining of the game sut hit next, lol

        • Haha. I was just saying it was something I’d been doing for so long that I’d forgotten not everyone does it. Becomes like a reflex after a while or something.

  • Death definitely doesn’t get the full amount on Life-Steal. There are often complaints about this on the boards.

    • Firebrand

      well if you have good enough cards to make them better then it could

  • Noah

    can you do this with normal spells? like enhance them with treasure cards and they’ll stay enhanced?