Wizard101 Azteca Moon Spell Guide

Level 88 Azteca Moon Spells!



Wizard101 introduces a new Moon School trainer in Azteca with 3 new polymorphs which can be unlocked when we reach Level 88! Here is a guide to the Level 88 Moon School spells as they have appeared in the Test Realm. Note: A guide to the Level 90, Rank 10 spells can be found at this link.


Polymorph Icehorn

Polymorph Icehorn is a Moon spell that transforms the caster into an Ice Polymorph for 6 rounds.

  • School: Moon
  • Level: 88
  • Pips: 0
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Health: 4,000
  • Resists Ice and Boosts Fire

Duelist Note:

This polymorph’s 38 card deck contains: Tower Shield, Frozen Armor, Spirit Shield, Elemental Shield, Legion Shield, Stun Shield, Hex, Elemental Blade, Bladestorm, Handsome Fomori, Frostbite, and a 4-pip spell “Ice Breaker” which deals 275 Ice damage and steals 1 shield.


Polymorph Jaguar

Polymorph Jaguar is a Moon spell that transforms the caster into a Life Polymorph for 6 rounds.

  • School: Moon
  • Level: 88
  • Pips: 0
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Health:  3,500
  • Resists Life and Boosts Death


Duelist Note:

The Jaguar’s 27-card deck contains Dryad, Rebirth, Regenerate, Satyr, Sanctuary, Brilliant Light, Spirit Armor, Goat Monk, and a 4-pip spell “Ritual Blade” which deals 50+405 Life damage + 50+255 Heal over 3 rounds.

The Jaguar Polymorph has a total heal boost of approximately 40%.


Polymorph Pteranodon

Polymorph Pteranodon is a Moon spell that transforms the caster into an Storm Polymorph for 6 rounds.

  • School: Moon
  • Level: 88
  • Pips: 0
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Health:  2,500
  • Resists Storm and Boosts Myth


Duelist Note:

The Polymorph Ptera’s deck has 29 cards, including Feint, Storm Blade, Storm Trap, Windstorm, Wild Bolt, Catalan, Tempest, Leviathan, and a 4-pip spell “Thunder Spike” which deals 550 Storm damage + leaves a 10% Storm Spear on the caster.


More information from Azteca!

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And don’t forget that Duelist101 has special Azteca contests and prizes during the month of November!


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  • Alexis Hunter

    Wow, Ritual Blade is quite badass!
    (and thanks so much for these previews!)

  • izabera

    so… jaguar is the new treant?

    • tzuc

      seems so, yeah. a better one i guess

  • Elizabeth Goldenthistle

    What?! No Myth polymorph?

  • Mark Trollglade

    ugh… Kingsisle hates myth. I know it, i mean come on No MYTH POLYMORPH??? And no AoE spell either… *sigh* they better do better in the nest world. Probably ;/

    • duelmaster

      well myth had advantages 4 a very long period of time and now is the payback

      • Mark Trollglade

        Advantages? We’ve been getting single hit spells since level 48, and the lvl 72-78 spells were just crap. (besides shift). I mean sure, they have cool actions, but we have weak AoE, and we’re the only school with no polymorph. This isnt payback, this is just being left out.

        • cuca12

          But you guys have earthquake, which takes all shields and blades out. Also medusa who stuns people. Myth is the most favored school, polymorphs aren’t even good, they’re just to fun to use.

          • cucucuccuucucuc

            like mark said, our AoE is weak, frog and earth are the only spells. it’s too late now to make AoE spells considering i’m not willing to use 10 pips on something like frog

  • Pvp Warlord

    Polymorph ptera is cool, bad life, looks cool, good spells, its a good polymorph, The next cat bandit, lol *sigh*

  • Pvp Warlord

    Yikes i have to say thou, the icehorn is beast XD

  • Tyler Moonblade

    Well you guys seem to be very mistaken. First of all dimension shift is good if you have a bunch of life dispels, weakens, and infections hovering above your head then swap it out for 10 tower shields from your beloved minotaur minion. Also don’t complain. Death has it off way worse. Scarecrow? HAH, It’s a joke! Deer knight? You can buy it, oh wait I wasted 20 dollars just to get nothing. Not even one spell. Avenging fossil? 10 pips. Want to farm? Too bad go make a fire which is my least favorite school for meteor. Stop the whining. Myth is way too op in pvp. Don’t say anything about ice. It is in now way op.