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Duelist101 Status Update

Duelist101 has been offline for way too long! You have our deepest apologies for that. This article will let you know why, as well as give you an idea of where we are going next.

Common Pirate101 Pet Mistakes

Here are some commonly-made pet mistakes when first starting to morph pets in Pirate101 and how to fix them and work towards a perfect pet!

Summer 2018 Update: Graphic Redesign

Summer 2018 Update: Graphic Redesign The graphic redesign is one of the biggest features in the Summer 2018 update. Of course we can’t proceed without writing an article about it and putting some thoughts in it! Wizard101 will celebrate its 10th birthday this year. It was about time that it receive a new look. This […]

Duelist101’s Guide to Wizard101 …

Check out our guide to Wizard101 Hoard and Lore Packs and discover the highlights of each and every pack ever released in game.

Thoughts on the New Bad Juju

New Bad Juju received mixed reviews. Some are happy with change, some think it’s too drastic. Check here to see our opinion and some potential changes.

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