Wizard101 Pet Talent Calculator

Special thanks to the Project O team for donating their databases to this calculator.

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Fill in as much information about the Pet as you can. Fill in the talent numbers right after hatching to help determine which talents might have transferred from the parents. Values are from 0 (Common) to 4 (Epic), or '-' for Any / All.

As you train up your pet and more talents manifest, the other un-manifested talents become more determined.

Save pets to the Pet stable (you must be signed in to get your own private stable). If you hatch with someone, tell him your pet's ID so he can make a copy of your pet in his stable.

Hatch mode: Load the two parents into the left-hand boxes (First Parent and Second Parent), and the hatched child into the right-hand box (Child). Saving the child attaches the parent IDs to that child. Later, loading that child into the Child box auto-loads the parents.

For pets with both parents set, the combined talent lists of the two parents becomes the available talent pool for the child. If there are grand-parents, the parents' talent pools are similarly restricted, as high as the family tree goes. If a parent belongs to someone else, it's safest to make a copy of his pet into your private stable (in case he changes or deletes his pet).

This calculator relies heavily on the the work of Project O (previously the Talent / Derby Ability Order Project). For more information on how the Order affects the talents and abilities your pet can have, visit them here.

Currently using version 5.5 of the Project O order lists.