We have moved!

While Duelist101 will still be available for a while, you can find your favorite articles on our new site now: www.finalbastion.com! Come celebrate this next step in our adventures with us!

Grandmaster Ice Turn-Based Tournament Strategy Highlight: Balance Mastery

A Grandmaster Ice with a Balance Mastery? Yes, you’ve read correctly- Come check out this guide to dominating turn-based tournaments with a unique set-up.

Duelist101 6th Birthday Bash

Duelist101 6th birthday is almost here and we want to celebrate with you all! We are hosting a tournament, casual PvP, hide and seek and lots more fun! Join us to celebrate!

Grandmaster Ice & Balance Turn-Based Tournament Guide

In this grandmaster ice and balance turn-based tournament guide, you will find out all the juicy details about how to be successful in this tourney format!

Grandmaster Ice & Balance Classic 1v1 Tournament Guide

So you want to do tournaments and want to know how to go about it? Here’s a guide for both Balance and Ice in classic 1v1 tournaments!

Christmas Clash 2017

We’re excited to announce our latest event: a Christmas Clash! Come do some casual PvP, or just hang around with us.