Frozen Heart – Advanced Level 100 Ice Darkmoor PvP Guide

This Advanced level 100 Ice guide will list not one, but TWO strategies that you may use in the arena to dominate the playing field, and show the others that ice can be the most powerful class.

Winters Blight – Advanced Level 100 Exalted 1v1 Ice Guide

Winter’s Blight is an Advanced Level 100 Exalted Ice PvP Guide to the new spells and gear in your arsenal, along with pet talents, strategy, and much more!

Frozen – An Advanced Promethean Ice 1v1 Guide

Alexander Lionheart stops by with one of the coolest ideas we’ve seen….an aggressive, offensive Ice Build!? Gear, Tips, Tricks, and Strategy for bringing the Eternal Winter to the arena. Brace Yourselves…

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