Duelist101 and the Ice Bucket Challenge! (Wizard101)

Duelist101’s Heather Shadowslinger and Kevin the Noob were both tagged for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Check out their fun videos, see how they hold up and then learn more about ALS!

Kevin the Noob, Episode 25

Kevin the Noob, Episode 25: Kevin’s teacher raises concerns about questing etiquette.

Poll: Mid-Level or Top Level PvP? (Wizard101)

Which is more FUN? Mid-level or Top Level PvP? Vote in our poll and let us know what YOU think in the Comments!

Ask Duelist! Level 55 Life

Do you PvP on a Life Wizard between levels 50-60, or have you played against one? We’re asking readers to share their ideas and strategies for a Theurgist seeking advice for dominating the arena at Level 55.

Grandmaster Balance 1v1 Tournament Guide (Wizard101)

Mycin Dunestaff shares tips and strategies for winning Wizard101 Tournaments in this Grandmaster Balance 1v1 Tournament Guide!

Valentine’s Cards with Kevin the Noob

In honor of Feb 14th, Kevin the Noob created these all new Valentine’s cards! Turns out, no one makes cards quite like Kevin. Which is a good thing. Enjoy!

Contest: Friendship Festival 2014 (Wizard101)

It’s February, and that means it’s time to celebrate the Friendship Festival in Wizard101. Enter this contest for a chance to win a 2-person Phoenix Mount!

Best Plants for PvP (Wizard101)

Check out our guide to the best plants in Wizard101 for boosting your PvP set up! Gardening is a great way to rake in Mega Snacks, treasure cards, gold and more, so read on to see which plants make our “Best of” list.

Poll: Melee or Ranged? (Pirate101)

Is your Pirate101 PvP crew made up of melee or ranged Companions? Take our poll, and see what others are saying!

Interview: Vrael (Wizard101 PvP)

Wizard101 Central Tournament player Vrael has racked up 5 tournament wins in the last two months, walking away with 3 Head of Class victories. Read on to hear what he has to say about his Central tournament experiences and the current PvP Metagame.