Burned – An Advanced Magus Fire 1V1 Guide

Daniel Misttalon shares his Magus Fire setup in 1v1, proven to ranks in the near 2000’s. Gear, pet, deck, and breakdown.

Ask Duelist! Level 50 Myth, 1v1 (Wizard101)

Ask Duelist is back! A level 50 Myth wizard asks about PvP strategy for 1v1 and how to spend their training points. Duelist contributor DMT001 replies with gear recommendations, deck setup, and more!

Interview With Savannah Windweaver

Interview With Savannah Windweaver:
Duelist101 had a chance to sit down with PvP101 Central’s Tournament Coordinator Savannah Windweaver. Find out what it takes to be a Tournament Coordinator, a Tournament Master or a Tournament Official.

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