Pirate101 Test Opens! (Advanced Pets, Companions and More!)

Test Realm opens in Pirate101 with advanced pets, companions and more! Read on for more information.

Anticipating Khrysalis Part 2 (Wizard101)

Duelist101 takes a look at what we might find in Khrysalis Part 2: Level 98 spells, Level 98 pets, and Khrysalis crafted gear!?

Community Roundup!

The Roundup returns, and spotlights some of the terrific blogs in the Duelist101 Community! You guys are writing PvP guides for both Wizard and Pirate, as well as creating all sorts of fun, entertaining posts. Read on for more!

Piranha Hunter Pet (Wizard101)

A new pet has been discovered in the Wizard101 test realm world of Khrysalis: the Piranha Hunter! Some UNBELIEVABLE new talents have been discovered too!

Khrysalis + Shadow Magic Hit Wizard101!

A new world called Khrysalis and a new type of magic (Shadow Magic) are now in Wizard101 test realm! Read on for details!

New World Coming Soon! (Wizard101)

Wizard101 has hinted that big changes are on the way…and soon! We take a look at some of the clues and try to puzzle out the mystery of which world may hit the game next.

Community Round-up! (Wizard101/Pirate101)

The Round-up is back! We take a look at some of our favorite Duelist101 Community blogs from the past few weeks. They feature PvP guides, creative stories, humor and more, so click through to see what players have been up to in the Community (then join and start your own blog)!

Exalted Amulets Announced (Aquila Wizard101)

Wizard101 announces a powerful new type of gear called Exalted Amulets! There are also changes to the new crafted gear, the pet talent spritely and the crowns prices for Aquila. Read on for details!

How to Beat Jade Gear (Wizard101 PvP)

Duelist101 offers our first PvP vid with commentary, featuring Azoresgirl! She takes on a Jadezilla from 2nd and discusses how to prepare for these players…and how to take them down.

Wizard101 Harpy Pet (Aquila)

Here’s a look at the new pet found in Aquila, the Harpy! It offers the new talent “may cast Spirit Blade” as well as new cards, so read on to learn about this Greek Mythology-based pet!

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