Grandmaster Ice Warlord Guide

Guide to Grandmaster Ice 1v1 PvP. Jose Breeze shows you how to be a Grandmaster Ice Warlord too!

The Different Roles In Team PvP

Pro PvP’er Jose Breeze runs over the different roles of players in team PvP. Check them out!

Promethean Storm Multi-PvP Guide (Wizard101)

Pro PvP’er Jose Breeze offers a detailed breakdown of Team PvP for Promethean Storm wizards with all the gear, deck setup, and strategy you need to dominate in top-level 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. Read on to see this unique guide to Storm Team PvP as he shares his insights on being “The Hammer”.

Duelist Dilemma- Double Deathly Edition

Duelist Dilemma returns! This time team PvP expert Jose Breeze puts you in a 2v2 going second to a double Death team… with some very tough choices to make.

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