Wizard101 Polaris Master Guide

Wizard101 has released Polaris. The wait is finally over. Come check out all the new things that you will find throughout this new world.

Wizard101 – Polaris Test Realm Opens!

Wizard101 Test Realm is online. We have the details! Help Kingsisle find the bugs on the Test Realm today!

Wizard101 – New to PvP

Do you want to PvP, but are unsure of a few things? Here are a few tips and tricks that I and others have used throughout our many matches over the years.

Krokosphinx – Vault of Ice

You have just completed your questing in the Grand Arena, when now it is time to complete the Vault of Ice. There is a short video that proceeds this article, so that you can see as I take on the Vault of Ice.

Pirate101 – Test Realm

Aye, me matey’s. Test Realm has now been released with some new and cool features to the game. There is more to come on what we find in test realm, so be sure to check back often.

Reverse Shrikeology: Exalted Ice 1v1 Guide

Exalted Ice guide through the eyes of Charles SeaGiver on the Duelist101 Community blog. Read through as he writes about PvP with his Ice wizard at max level.

Kenzie Newsletter – October 2014

Kenzie brings you the updates for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 since the last newsletter a few months ago. Check out what has happened and what is due to come.

Pirate101 Grizzly Beast Booster Pack and Tower of Moo Manchu Live!

Pirate101 releases the Tower of Moo Manchu to the live realm along with a brand new pack, the Grizzly Beast Booster Pack.

Pirate101 – Test Realm

Ahoy me maties, Test Realm is here! If you are a high level pirate and have completed all of Mooshu, this includes “The Great and Powerful Turtle” and the “Emperor Moo” quests.

Duel-A-Duelist Weekend Event

The wait is over, duelers. The next Duel-a-Duelist event is coming on July 19th and 20th!