PhD in PvP: Part 2 – Second and Third Age

In this article we take a closer look at how PvP got gradually harder in the second and third ages.

PhD in PvP: Introduction & First Age

In this series we examine the progression of PvP through the ages and compare it to our progression through school!

The Most Fun Match

Will recounts a particularly fun match he had in a recent Journeyman Tournament.

Farming Points: The Last Piece of a Gear Set

Will goes through the basic mathematics behind how much time you can expect to complete your gear set.

Battle Points: November 2014 Leaderboard Analysis

Will examines the Leaderboard standings from early November, just before the Test Realm of the latest update. Which schools ruled the arena?

The Queue #22: Looking Back to Looking Forward

Will hijacks the Queue for the day, and asks what have been the biggest changes in the last year and a half of updates.

Pulling Out the Win: the Mid-Level Newcomer Tournament Finals

Will recounts his match in the latest Mid-Level Newcomer Tournament Finals.

Battle Points: Are Minions Less Awesome These Days?

Author Will discusses the changes and shifts in minion usage over the years, and wonders how relevant they are now.

Battle Points: The Importance of Accuracy in the current PvP Meta

This time on Battle Points, Will discusses why Accuracy is so important in today’s Wizard101 PvP metagame, compared to the past.

Battle Points: Which Level is Best for Which School?

This time, Will gathers Leaderboard data to try to answer an age old question: Which schools are consistently better at which levels?

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