The Theurgist’s Notes – Part 3.5

Monarch’s Theurgist is now commander. He’ll discuss the choices to be made when deciding on gear in PvP. Will it be wings or some other gear?

The Theurgist’s Notes – Part 3

Monarch returns to the Theurgist’s Notes by breaking down Master Life with Myth Mastery in the Second Age. Plus video commentary!

The Theurgist’s Notes – Part 2

Victoria Summer returns to her studies as a Magus Theurgist. Adventure lies ahead for this myth wielding wizard!

A Quick Death – Master Class Necromancy

Frost Monarch gives us a quick look at Master Class Necromancy on the inexpensive side. A No Crowns approach to Death at the Lvl 40-49 range.

The Theurgists Notes on the Study of History

Monarch delves into the history books with his new Magus Theurgist, but will Conjuring bring Victoria the success she seeks?

Quoth the Raven – Chapter 2

Christopher Raven continues his journeys as a Death wizard in mid-level PvP.

Quoth the Raven – Chapter 1

A adept death wizard braves the arena to share his experiences. Read as spells, gears, and tactics are discussed.

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