March Test Realm- Monstrology Introductory Guide

Duelist101’s Monstrology Introduction. Learn the basics of Monstrology as we explain Wizard101’s newest hobby introduced in March 2017.

Get a Clue #2- Arc Three

Discussing the potential inspirations and references of the storyline and worlds of Wizard101’s Third Arc. Join Morgrim Shadowfist as you Get a Clue!

Mirage Faction Vendors

Confused about Faction Vendors? Morgrim explains how they work and what you can earn!

Perfect Pairs Contest [CLOSED]

Shadowfishy presents the Wizard101 Perfect Pairs contest! Click through for information on how to enter and win prizes!

[CLOSED] 12 Days of Fishmas Pick a Fish

Shadowfishy has another contest for you, and he’s brought his fishy friends with him!

Community Christmas Clash

Come read details about Christmas Clash – the community PvP event!

Polaris: A Review from Shadowfishy

With Polaris coming to live, Shadowfishy takes a look at the good and bad coming with this update.

Wizard101 – Polarian Explorer’s Bundle

The newest bundle to hit the spiral is here – the Polarian Explorer’s Bundle. Shadowfishy has your look into this chilling bundle!

[CLOSED] Duelist101 Halloween Pick a Prize

Shadowfishy here with another contest – Halloween Pick a Prize! More crowns and more items to give away!

[CLOSED] Duelist101 Spiral Trick or Treating

Shadowfishy has a new contest – filled with many prizes! Come take a look!

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