Artistically Speaking – Awesome Community Post!

Check out this post from one of our amazing community members. It chronicles their artistic growth over a year, doodling W101 characters and more!

The Making of Duelist101 Merch!

Check out the making of our first Duelist101 shirts, and learn how shirts are printed!

Polar Roses Polaris Eloise Quest

Get your Polar Roses quickly and efficiently with our guide to Eloise Merryweather’s newest quest.

Polaris Zeke Quest: Vanilla Ice Locations

Get your training point easily with this Polaris Zeke guide, and stop working so hard to find those pesky Vanilla Ices.

Support Duelist and Look Awesome!

Support Duelist and look great with new Duelist101 Shirts and Hoodies! Show your love for gaming and help keep our server running at the same time!

Spell Spotlight: Thunderbird

In this community cross-post, Shadowblade brings us a Thunderbird spell spotlight focusing on its uses in top level Storm PVP.

Takanobu (MooShu Skeleton Key Boss) Guide

A guide to Takanobu, the new Skeleton Key boss in Mooshu. Learn his location, his cheats, and his drops here!

Wizard101 Metal Reagent Location Guide

A guide to finding Wizard101 Metal for Jewelcrafting! Ore types and locations.

Aphrodite (Graveyard Skeleton Key Boss) Guide

A guide to the new Wizard101 Darkmoor Graveyard secret boss (on test realm) – Aphrodite! Read here for strategy and known drops.

Wizard101 Aquila Found Housing Item Guide

Duelist Community author Patrick Waterslinger presents a guide to housing items you can find in Aquila!

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