Buccaneer Champion Guide 2018

Orange is back with a new and improved Buccaneer Champion guide! Learn more about Buccaneer strategies and the gear and companions that work best with them!

Power Management in Pirate101! So You Want To Be a Champion? #3

The way you order your powers can have a huge effect on the outcome of a PvP match. Let’s look at power management in Pirate101!

What Birthplace and Second Class? Pirate101, So You Want To Be a Champion? #2

We continue with our series! What birthplace and second class should you pick when starting a new pirate in Pirate101? In part two of this guide, we give some suggestions!

Wizard101 Game Mechanics That Could Use a Change

There are always some Wizard101 game mechanics that could use a change. In this article we take a look at drains and polymorphs.

Reshuffle Changes – RIP Jade Juju

Wizard 101’s Test Realm is here and with it, a fundamental change to Reshuffle! Is the death of Jade Juju here and how will this affect the rest of the meta?

A Kingsisle PvP Guide to Strategy: Aggro, Mid-Range and Control

Ever wonder about the basic elements of strategy in both Wizard101 and Pirate 101? Orange explains the main types of strategies present in the Arena in both Pirate 101 and Wizard 101 and which classes specialize in which strategy.

A Wizard’s Guide to Pirating: P101 Classes

A Wizard’s Guide to Pirating! Learn all about the differences and similarities between Pirate101 classes and Wizard101 schools.

Pirate101 Witchdoctor Guide (Summer 2016)

Here’s a Pirate101 Witchdoctor Guide that will give you the tools to become the best summoner around! Get your level 70 Witchdoctor ready!

Pirate101: So You Want to Be a Champion? Part 1

If you’re looking to become good at Pirate101 PvP, here’s a new series that will give you valuable insights. Learn which classes are the current top tiers and how you can adapt to the current meta to become a Champion!

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