Wizard101 Polished Piercing Jewels for Gold

Learn how you can get school jewels for gold, including polished piercing, lustrous accurate, shiny critical, and shiny damage jewels!

Beastman Fight Club Guide and Speed Run

Looking for information on the Wizard101 Beastman Fight Club in Empyrea? Check out our info on cheats, strategy and a speed run guide.

Level 110 Gear Options for Questing – The Hitter (Wizard101)

Want to know good options for your level 110 wizard when you’re hitting or playing solo? Check out all the drops and what can be bought with gold or crowns.

Pirate101 Kane Gear Guide

Check out the best Pirate101 gear Valencia 2 has to offer with some exciting new powers, courtesy of your buddy Kane!

Wizard101 Rasputin Farming – 4 Rounds

Our Wizard101 Rasputin farming strategies will show you the fastest way rid yourself that Rat!

Wizard101 Baba Yaga Gear Guide

Check out all the exciting Baba Yaga gear you can get from that crazy Wizard101 witch!

Wizard101 Rasputin Gear Guide

Check out the Rasputin gear drops. The finest in Polaris!

Pirate101 Tower of Moo Manchu in an Hour

  Tower of Moo Manchu in an Hour   In the most recent update for Pirate101 Old Scratch was given some significant spell power buffs.  We decided to see how quickly we could finish the Tower of Moo Manchu with these new powers.  Short answer: how do you feel about one hour? We’ve included a […]

Pirate101: Pet Morphing Strategies

Patrick reviews Pirate101 pet morphing strategies in his ideal pet odyssey, including talent order, power order, inheritance and max pedigree pets.

Pirate101: Pet Training Like a Pro

Which Pirate101 Pet Training approaches are most efficient? Patrick shares his tips in the Pirate101 Ideal Pet Odyssey series.

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