Pirate101: Ship PvP Guide (Beginner’s Course)

Arrr Mateys, have ye tried your hand at ship PvP? Don’t walk the plank! Head ye over to this spotlight of ship PvP and ye won’t be swabbing the decks!

Pirate101 Game Improvements

Alex Thunderstaff presents his wish list for improvements to Pirate101! Do you have anything to add?

Pirate101’s 5th Birthday Bash

Come celebrate Pirate101’s 5th Birthday Duelist style! PvP, Fashion contest, Treasure Hunt and all around fun!

Happy 5th Birthday Pirate101!

Can you believe its been 5 years since Pirate101 came into the spiral?

Wizard101 Celebratory Tournament!

Do you feel like PvPing? Join in one of our tournaments on the 30th of September! Don’t feel like PvPing but want to hang out with other Duelist101 fans? No problem! You can join us for that too!

Easter Eggs in Marleybone – Pirate101

Don’t you just love when wizard101 and pirate101 interact with each other in some way? There are some interesting easter eggs in Marleybone!

Wysteria Lore Pack With New Spells! Wizard101

There’s a new pack in the Spiral: the Wysteria Lore Pack! It comes with three new spells, new gear and a cute pet!

Duelist101 Birthday Summer Clash 2017

Summer is out and what better way to start things off than with some fun wizard101 PvP! Here at Duelist, the heat has really gotten to our heads. We want to cool off to the excitement of RNG and some PvP of course. Duelist101 will host a PvP event and everyone is invited!

Easter Eggs in Mooshu – Pirate101

Isn’t it cool when pirate101 references wizard101? I’ve been able to spot some pretty cool Easter Eggs while questing in Mooshu in pirate101!

Level 118 School Pets and Hybrids (Wizard101)

The Spring Update brought level 118 School Pets and Hybrids to the Arcanum! Find out what awesome cards they offer and which pets combine into which hybrid!