Pirate101: Book 15, Test Realm, and New Teaser!

Pirate101 confirms Book 15 and an upcoming test realm. Plus, Duelist’s very own teaser image!

Technomage’s 2015 Summer Season Buccaneer 1v1 Guide

A Buccaneer 1v1 Guide, detailing Technomage’s successful setup during the Pirate101’s ranked summer season.

Pirate101 Test Realm: Ranked PvP, Gauntlets, and More! (July 2015)

The Pirate101 Test Realm for July 2015 is here! And it’s brought Duelist101’s most long awaited update: Ranked PvP!

Stormrunner’s Legendary Storm 1v1 Guide

Community Author Stormrunner shows us the ins and outs of 60 Storm in his Legendary Storm 1v1 Guide.

The Queue #30: Bedazzled (Jewels and Sockets) Pt 1

In which Psylent asks for your opinions on the new Jewels and Sockets system in test realm.

Wizard101 Malistaire Solo Guide

Everything an Exalted Wizard of any school needs to know in order to solo Malistaire.

Wizard101 Tanglewood Terror (One Shot Dungeon)

A quick guide to the new Wizard101 one shot dungeon, Tanglewood Terror. Including fights and drops.

New Member Benefit: Training Point Buyback!

Kingsisle releases a new member benefit to the game: a free training point buyback!

The Queue #29: Team Tier Lists?

In which Psylent asks your opinion on which schools and school pairings are top tier in team pvp. What is your team tier list?

A Balanced Scale: Exalted Balance 1v1 Guide

Community Cross-post! Community Author Trevor shows how to tackle Exalted Balance 1v1. Gear, Deck, and taking on school matchups.