Wizard101 Test Realm – Wizard City Graphical Update, Photomancy, and MORE!

A new test realm is here and with it brings a new Wizard City graphical update, Photomancy, Azteca Fishing, and Magic Mirror and MORE!

Exalted Fire PvP Chronicles 10/4/2014

Update on Nick’s Exalted Fire PvP build. Mixed results at mid-commander range, gear and deck adjustments. Read on for details.

Magus Storm PVP Guide for 2nd Age

Mid level Storms have always been very rare. Making an Adept or Magus storm wizard is probably one of the toughest things to try. Sean Starbright has modified his Magus Storm PvP 1v1 Deck, and Team Decks to accommodate the changing meta-game of the 2nd age.

Death Becomes Her, Part 4 (Wizard101 PvP)

Azoresgirl is back with another installment of PvP commentary! This time she answers questions from viewers about her 90 Death. It’s a video PvP guide with a look at her deck, gear and more!

Promethean Death Goes Critical, Part 3

Lulu Noobfist shares a frustrating day in ranked 1v1 as he continues to test out a high-critical build on his Necromancer.

World Burner – 5.14.2013

Nick reports the results of testing the “World Burner Build” on his Promethean Pyromancer in ranked 1v1. Read on to find out how this build stood up after 50 matches of face-melting madness in Wizard101 PvP.

Promethean Death Goes Critical, Part 2

It’s Day 2 of testing a high-critical build on a Level 90 Necromancer in ranked 1v1: pwnage… or epic fail? Find out in today’s Community Spotlight article featuring Wizard101 PvP duelist Lulu Noobfist.

Balancing Act: Top Level Wizard101 PvP

Azoresgirl is back with a look at lvl 90 PvP! She offers tips on building a well-rounded deck and preparing for matches against the Jade Empire. Read on for this Balanced view of high level arena.

Promethean Death Goes Critical, Part 1

Lulu Noobfist enters the 2nd Age of Wizard101 PvP with a Promethean Death wizard. Watch him test out a high Critical build in 1v1 in today’s Community Spotlight article.

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Death Becomes Her, Part 3

Level 90 Necromancer Destiny Blueheart hits the arena for some ranked PvP using a crafted Amulet and an “Animate deck”. How does the Death Minion fare in top-level 1v1? Azoresgirl tests it out with this surprisingly effective build.