Death Becomes Her, Part 4 (Wizard101 PvP)

Azoresgirl is back with another installment of PvP commentary! This time she answers questions from viewers about her 90 Death. It’s a video PvP guide with a look at her deck, gear and more!

Death Becomes Her, Part 3

Level 90 Necromancer Destiny Blueheart hits the arena for some ranked PvP using a crafted Amulet and an “Animate deck”. How does the Death Minion fare in top-level 1v1? Azoresgirl tests it out with this surprisingly effective build.

A Perfect Death – Part 1

Azoresgirl returns with a look at high level PvP for Death! Includes advice on which stats to boost, which spells to carry, and a look at which auras give Death the edge.

Scorched Earth – Part 1

An level 78 Death wizard tests out a Myth Mastery amulet in 1v1, and compares Poison vs. Deadly Minotaur vs. Deer Knight.

Death Becomes Her, part 2

Destiny Bluethorn [level 78 Death] continues to 1v1 using no Crowns Gear or Mastery Amulet, while humming Invader Zim songs.

Death Becomes Her, part 1

Character Chronicle of Destiny BlueHeart [78 Death] in 1v1 without the use of a mastery amulet or crowns gear. Part 1.