Exalted Fire PvP Chronicles 10/4/2014

Update on Nick’s Exalted Fire PvP build. Mixed results at mid-commander range, gear and deck adjustments. Read on for details.

World Burner – 5.14.2013

Nick reports the results of testing the “World Burner Build” on his Promethean Pyromancer in ranked 1v1. Read on to find out how this build stood up after 50 matches of face-melting madness in Wizard101 PvP.

Introducing: The World Burner Build

Jonathan ShadowWalker is back with another Crit Build for Fire Wizards. This time? He’s using hyper-offense to tackle Jade Gear players in record time. Learn more about the build, and how he intends to use it.

Jonathan ShadowWalker Diary 11.15.2012

Jon’s final entry for the Flamethrower build journal. Warlord once more.

Jonathan ShadowWalker Diary 9.17.2012

The flamethrower build takes its first loss, then crosses paths with another critical build. Plus an explanation of the recent slow updates.

John ShadowWalker Diary 8.2.2012

Jonathan ShadowWalker’s Diary for 8/2/2012. More info on the critical build, and the first PvP battle testing in anticipation of the upcoming guide!

John ShadowWalker Diary 7.22.2012

Jonathan ShadowWalkers journal for 7/22. Countering the Ice gear, farming treasure cards, and thoughts on the upcoming guide.

Introducing: Character Chronicles

Character Chronicles are PvP Journals by duelist101 authors. This is the first installment for my Fire wizard, Jonathan ShadowWalker.