Journal of a Masked Wizard (part 4)

Iri G closes out this series of chronicles with a 13 minute video of puppies wearing top hats. Nah, just kidding, it’s a PvP video. Also: you get to see what a retired, unmasked wizard looks like (hint: sort of like a normal wizard).

Journal of a Masked Wizard (part 3)

Iri Gianthunter talks about retiring the masked wizard. Also discussed: pajama phases, hibernating hands…and, brain marshmallows? (Did Iri stop taking the meds again? Can someone look into that?) Anyway, enjoy.

Journal of a Masked Wizard (part 2)

Iridian Gianthunter uses an anti-mage strategy to combat puppet teams. This week: Iridian faces an opponent who puppet teams for housing decorations… find out more inside!

Journal of a Masked Wizard: chapter 1

Iridian Gianthunter provides commentary and video of recent PvP matches.