Magus Storm PVP Guide for 2nd Age

Mid level Storms have always been very rare. Making an Adept or Magus storm wizard is probably one of the toughest things to try. Sean Starbright has modified his Magus Storm PvP 1v1 Deck, and Team Decks to accommodate the changing meta-game of the 2nd age.

StormyKnight – 2v2 Just a Closer Walk with Thee

Going first, our opponents are a L23 Life and an L77 Balance. It is unusual to see a balance school wizard acting as the hitter on a “puppet team”, but the balance school brings some dangerous spells to the situation. Sandstorm and Judgement are difficult to shield against over a long duel. L72+ balance wizards have also earned the Mana Burn Spell.

Magus Storm 1v1 PVP Guide

Magus (L39) Storm 1v1 PVP Guide – I use a Myth Mastery Amulet. I’ve farmed for the 5 pip Ninja Pig. My Storm deck is setup to do three things: Defend, Disrupt, and Hit. I use a 50 card main deck.

Magus Storm Team PVP Guide

A Mid-level Storm Guide for team PvP including gear, training points, deck setups, and strategy for 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4.

StormyKnight – Special Guests

I’ve ran into lots of great, two wizard teams in my travels. Amy and Brecken UnicornHeart are one such combo. These guys use an Ice / Balance / Death styled system that is surprisingly tough. I’ve had the pleasure of teaming with Amy and Brecken several times and here’s one of the results.

StormyKnight – Greed

I titled this video of two duels “greed”, because our puppet friend insists on not hitting until he has ALL of his blades and damage auras up. It’s as though Scarlet Flower’s plagues and my earthquakes have no impact on his strategy/tactics.

A Stormy Knight’s Journey – Intro

I’ve been dueling a long time with a level 39 storm wizard named Sean Starbright. In this journal, I hope to show fun / educational videos that highlight good mid level team play. I plan to make a point of dueling with many different people as my team mates in 2v2, 3v3, and even 4v4.