Most Popular Wand Stitches 2017

In summer 2016, misthead looked at the most common wand stitches at the time. Now, we proudly present the 2017 edition! Let’s see what the most coveted wands are currently.

Level 118 School Pets and Hybrids (Wizard101)

The Spring Update brought level 118 School Pets and Hybrids to the Arcanum! Find out what awesome cards they offer and which pets combine into which hybrid!

St. Patrick’s Day Boss Drops

Learn more about who you can farm during the popular week of St. Patrick’s Day in Wizard101, to get your favorite holiday themed items!

Lvl 118 Spells: Mirage

Mirage’s lvl 118 spells are here! Come check them out!

Wizard101: New level 110 Astral Spells

9 New spells, come check them out!

Daily Assignment Rewards

Daily Assignments have been in the Spiral for a full 15 days now! Time to look at the quest types and the daily assignment rewards you can get from them!

Pet jewels: Which Ones Do Overlords Use?

Have you been wondering what pet jewels to use? Check out this article to learn which pet jewels 200 random overlords picked for their pets!

Wizard101 – Polarian Explorer’s Bundle

The newest bundle to hit the spiral is here – the Polarian Explorer’s Bundle. Shadowfishy has your look into this chilling bundle!

Wizard101 Polaris Master Guide

Wizard101 has released Polaris. The wait is finally over. Come check out all the new things that you will find throughout this new world.

Wizard101 – Grand Tourney Bundle

A new gauntlet bundle hits the shelves! Check out the brand new Grand Tourney Bundle!