Wizard101 New Level 100 Crown Shop Items

In celebration of Test going Live, Wizard101 releases new Level 100 Crown Shop Items. Check them out!

Wizard101 Crystal Weapons – New Spells (Level 98)

The Crystal Icespike and Crystal Staff of Mirages come with two never before seen mutations. Check them out and tell us what you think!

Wizard101 Khrysalis Part Two LIVE REALM!

Khrysalis Part Two is going LIVE!! Read on for more information.

Spell Mechanics: How Boosts are Added to Spells and the Implications for Moon Magic

Curious how Shift Spells will work? Here is a break down on the mechanics to help you have a better understanding.

Zeke’s Iron Butterflies

A guide to Zeke’s Iron Butterflies in Khrysalis Part 2, with video!

Wizard101 One Million Shadow Damage

Can you do One Million Damage with a Shadow Creature and earn the W101 One in a Million Badge? Duelist101 tests it out here!

Wizard101 – New Fennec Fox Pet

Kingsisle has released another new pet, the Fennec Fox, which you can receive as a drop from the last boss in the “Black Hole in the Hive”. Read on for more info!

Wizard101 – Khrysalis Part Two Master Guide

The wait is over: Khrysalis Part Two is HERE!!! Find all the details about the Moon Magic Spells, Shadow Creatures, new Pets, May Cast Weapons, Crafted Gear and more right here!

KR2 Test Realm PvP Updates!

On the KR2 Test Realm, there has been a major update to the PvP Matching System. Read here about the new Skill Level limitations.

Khrysalis Crafting Recipes: Hat, Robe, Boots and Weapons

Wizard101 brought new crafting to Khrysalis Part 2. You’ll find all this @ Kazidan the Keeneye in Sardonyx. Hats, Robes, Boots and Weapons crafting recipes.