StormyKnight – 2v2 Just a Closer Walk with Thee

Going first, our opponents are a L23 Life and an L77 Balance. It is unusual to see a balance school wizard acting as the hitter on a “puppet team”, but the balance school brings some dangerous spells to the situation. Sandstorm and Judgement are difficult to shield against over a long duel. L72+ balance wizards have also earned the Mana Burn Spell.

Knights Video: 3v3

Elijah Hawktalon (FaclonerET), Julia Sparklefountain (SparkleFountain), and Lucas Legendblade (Me!) take on a puppet team in 3v3. We are able to take them out from first with a few key moves.

StormyKnight – Greed

I titled this video of two duels “greed”, because our puppet friend insists on not hitting until he has ALL of his blades and damage auras up. It’s as though Scarlet Flower’s plagues and my earthquakes have no impact on his strategy/tactics.

GiantHunt – Pleasant Interlude

Things looked very bleak, as our fellow mid-level travellers pressed with a constant stream of meteors.

GiantHunt – Experimentation

Matthew Myth and I decided to try out 2v2 without any big heals from a life amulet.

GiantHunt – Easy?

This was 40+ minutes of hard dueling, from 2nd, against a L80 storm with 2x life support. Enjoy.

Knights Who Say Ni 4v4 vs Puppet Team Highlight video

This is the final 12 minutes of a 2 hour 4v4 Knights match against a puppet team. Knights went second to a team with a Legend lIfe, a Master and Magus Life and a Magus myth.

Not THEM Again!

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Video: “PvP Rabbits” Public Service Announcement

This PvP Public Service Announcement about puppet teams, created by HooVooLoo, was the inspiration behind the PvP Rabbits scene in the story, Giant Hunters.

Scenes from a Knights Match

Sean StarBright and Iridian GiantHunter win friends and influence people in a 2v2 Match (NOT!).

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