Interview: CunningJustinSilver (Pirate101)

Duelist interviews five time Pirate Tourney winner and top spot in the hall of fame, CunningJustinSilver!

Interview: Vrael (Wizard101 PvP)

Wizard101 Central Tournament player Vrael has racked up 5 tournament wins in the last two months, walking away with 3 Head of Class victories. Read on to hear what he has to say about his Central tournament experiences and the current PvP Metagame.

Tournament Player Spotlight, part 2 (Wizard101)

Which players do PvP pros fear or respect in the arena? Find out here in Part 2 of these interviews with a few of Wizard101’s PvP top tournament players.

Tournament Player Spotlight, part 1 (Wizard101)

Duelist101 spotlights 4 seasoned PvP tournament players who plan to compete in the upcoming Spell Nullification Tournament. Learn more about these top PvP competitors here!

Khrysalis Shadow Magic in PvP (Wizard101)

Wizard101 introduces Shadow Magic in Khrysalis, and Duelist101 asked some of PvP’s most experienced players what they think we can expect when these spells hit the arena. Here’s what they had to say.

Top of the Leaderboard: Interviews

Master of Wraiths scores a quick interview with the 1st place spot on the leaderboards as of May 9th. Check it out!

Interview: arcwarrior

With a whopping 10 Tournament wins, the duelist known as arcwarrior has dominated some of the largest tournaments ever hosted by Wizard101 Central. We spoke with “arc” about competing in tournaments and the current state of PvP. Here’s what he had to say.

Wizard101 Pet Derby: Interviews with the Pros

It’s a 2 for 1 Derby spotlight! We interview long-time racing titan, Angel Legendfriend…then we check in with multiple record-holder Jeremy Dragonheart! One post. Two interviews. It’s like Christmas never ended!

Interview With Savannah Windweaver

Interview With Savannah Windweaver:
Duelist101 had a chance to sit down with PvP101 Central’s Tournament Coordinator Savannah Windweaver. Find out what it takes to be a Tournament Coordinator, a Tournament Master or a Tournament Official.

Derby101: Caspeen Interview

Drop in and take a look at an interview with Pet Derby Tournament Master Caspeen from Wizard101 Central.