A Swashbucklers Guide to Soloing Kane

Think you have what it takes to solo Kane? You will after reading this excellent guide by Community Pirate Logan!

How to Survive Pirate101 Smuggler’s Arena (Part 4)

In the final installment, Leah discusses companions and specific approaches for each class in the Smuggler’s Arena

How to Survive Pirate101 Smuggler’s Arena (Part 3)

Part three in our Smuggler’s Arena series. Leah discusses tips and tactics on taking on the arena.

How to Survive Pirate101 Smuggler’s Arena (Part 2)

Part 2 of the Smuggler’s Arena series. Leah discusses the best gear for tackling the arena.

How to Survive Pirate101 Smuggler’s Arena (Part 1)

A new challenge: the Pirate101 Smuggler’s Arena. This series will cover the arena experience in detail & hopefully help some of you that may be struggling.

Dog Run: Moo Manchu Tower Floor 10 Strategy

Leah does some additional testing on the Moo Manchu Tower’s top floor, and finds an even better companion than Ratbeard….Gracie Conrad?

Rat Pack: Tower of Moo Manchu Floors 9-10 Strategy

Eric, Leah and Psylent share their newest favorite strategy for dominating the final two floors of the Tower of Moo Manchu. Is that…Ratbeard?

Pirate101 Boss Spotlight: The Nefarious 5 In Five Nefariously Easy Steps

Eric Stormbringer shows you his favorite tips and tricks for taking down the Nefarious 5.

Pirate101 First Look: Tower of Moo Manchu

Eric and Leah take a quick first look through the Tower of Moo Manchu, and highlight the big obstacles on your way to the top.

Pirate101 Boss Spotlight:Gortez

Pirate101 Boss Spotlight – Gortez The Egomaniacal Gorilla Gortez is one of the first of  many main bosses that our pirates confront in the Pirate101 Storyline. At early levels fighting Gortez can be a struggle but the loot that Gortez harbors can prove to be useful to those just beginning their adventure and valuable to […]

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