Buccaneer Champion Guide 2018

Orange is back with a new and improved Buccaneer Champion guide! Learn more about Buccaneer strategies and the gear and companions that work best with them!

Ashes of the Armada Pack: New Weapons!

Wonder what weapons you can get from the New Ashes Of The Armada Pack? Come take a look?

Dreadnaught Fortress Weapon Drops!

Ready to farm some awesome loot Pirates? The New Dreadnaught Fortress drops Weapons that might drive your Pirates a little bit Haywire!

Pirate101 Kane Gear Guide

Check out the best Pirate101 gear Valencia 2 has to offer with some exciting new powers, courtesy of your buddy Kane!

Pirate 101: New Clandestine Trainer Powers

Pirate 101’s Teat Realm comes with Updated Powers for Each Clandestine Trainer. Come see what these trainers have to offer!

Pirate 101 Talent Updates

Pirate101 Test Realm is open and the talent interface has changed.This article will attempt to keep readers in the know when it comes to the talent updates.

Pirate101 Baron Samedi’s Standard Guide

Beatriz Abbott stops by Duelist to share a full guide on Baron Samedi’s Standard from the Hoodoo Bundle!

Pirate Weaponry, part 2

Duelist101 offers tips on how to understand your weapon’s type of damage, the difference between Armor and Resistance, and how they impact your effectiveness in battle.

Pirate Weaponry, part 1

Do I need a Stabby or Slashy weapon? Melee or ranged? This overview explains how to choose the best weapon for your Pirate Class, and how to boost its firepower!

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