Pirate101 New Class Powers!

Come see what Powers and Talents Pirate 101’s Test Realm has in store! New class powers! There are new class powers for every class, plus some hidden item specific powers.

Pirate101 Mechanics Quiz

Are Ye’ a Landlubber or a Salty Dog? Take this Pirate101 Quiz on Mechanics to find out!

Pirate101 Skill Spotlight: Hold the Line!

Eric Stormbringer spotlights the Hold the Line series of talents in Pirate101. What it is, and why it’s useful.

Pirate 101 Power Display Upgrades

Pirate101 introduces new Power Card display upgrades with the newest test realm, giving players lots more information about the effects of their Powers. Read about them here!

Pirate101 Skill Spotlight: Purge Magic!

This time, we highlight one of the most interesting spells from the Marleybone/Aquila update: Purge Magic!

Witchdoctor: Top 5 PvP Powers (Pirate101)

Of all the Pirate101 classes, Witchdoctors are amongst the least understood. To help unveil some of the mysteries of this unique class, we asked PvP Tournament winner Fiery Tarlac Urswick to spotlight the Top 5 powers in his PvP lineup.

Reckless Frenzy: Buccaneer’s Ace Card (Pirate101)

Reckless Frenzy is an awesome new card for all you Buccaneer’s out there. Alex Jaderider offers tips on ways to use it…and counter it! Read on for more about this nifty Pirate101 move.

Pirate101 Skill Spotlight: Megablast!

Duelist101 highlights some of the new tools and powers from the newest content update. This time: The Dragoon Autocannon and Megablast!

Pirate101 Skill Spotlight: Leviathan’s Call

Duelist takes a closer look at a new rising star in the Pirate101 PvP world: Leviathan’s Call!

The Epicly Epic Guide to Understanding Pirate101 Epics

Triggers? Turn Cycle?! Don’t Panic! Duelist101 gives an in-depth overview of Pirate101 Epics, and breaks down all the symbols you may or may not understand.