Common Pirate101 Pet Mistakes

Here are some commonly-made pet mistakes when first starting to morph pets in Pirate101 and how to fix them and work towards a perfect pet!

Pirate101: Pet Morphing Strategies

Patrick reviews Pirate101 pet morphing strategies in his ideal pet odyssey, including talent order, power order, inheritance and max pedigree pets.

Pirate101: Pet Training Like a Pro

Which Pirate101 Pet Training approaches are most efficient? Patrick shares his tips in the Pirate101 Ideal Pet Odyssey series.

Pirate101: What is the Perfect Pet? [Updated 8/7/2015]

Patrick provides a series of articles on his quest to create the perfect pet in Pirate101. This time, what exactly is the perfect pet?

Pirate101: An Ideal Pet Odyssey #1

Patrick provides a series of articles on his quest to create the ideal pet in Pirate101, including what is ideal, training & hatching strategies.

Pirate101 Pet Leveling

Leah gives us an extensive look into proper Pirate101 Pet Leveling. Exercises, snacks, stats, and way more!

Pirate101 Advanced Pets: Morphing

A Pirate101 Morphing Guide, covering the basics and advanced tips for Pirate101’s pet morphing system.

Pirate101 Pet Snack Guide

Guide to Pirate101 Pet Snacks – Their likes and loves, for raising your pet’s Power quickly!

Pirate101 Pets: Efficiently Training Guts, Guile, and Grit

Leah C brings us an extensive, detailed Pirate101 pet guide on training your Guts, Guile, and Grit in the most efficient way possible.

Beastmaster: P101 Pet PvP Guide

An introduction to Pirate101 Pet PvP. How it works, and how you can maximize your pet domination!

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