Pets Dropped in Mooshu (Wizard101)

A guide to all of the pets dropped in Mooshu, in Wizard101! Check them out here!

Wizard101 Winterland Pack

Ready for a new parka? The Winterland pack is crammed full of greatness. Join us as we find it all!

Test Realm: New Pets!

The November 2014 Test Realm brings more new pets than ever before! Learn about them here!

Wizard101 Mystic Fishing Bundle

The Wizard101 Mystic Fishing Bundle finds its way to the Spiral. Check out this new fishing-specific bundle, with new pets, gear, and a new fish!

Enchanted Armament’s Impact on Low Level PVP

Apollo examines the impact of the Enchanted Armament pet on low level PVP.

Wizard101 – New Fennec Fox Pet

Kingsisle has released another new pet, the Fennec Fox, which you can receive as a drop from the last boss in the “Black Hole in the Hive”. Read on for more info!

Wizard101 New Khrysalis Pets

New pets appear in Khrysalis part two! We will continue to add details as we learn about them.

Guide to “May Cast” Pet Talents (Wizard101)

Duelist101 presents this EPIC guide to pet May Casts! See all the current (and undiscovered) May Cast talents available in Wizard101, and let us know your favorites in the Comments!

Free Pets: Quest Rewards & School Pets

You get quite a few pets for free in the Spiral as quest rewards. Care to guess how many you get? Here’s a Guide to all the free pets your Wizard will receive from questing in the Spiral – there may be more than you think!

Polar Fox Pet! (Wizard101)

What does the Fox say? “BUY ME!” 🙂 Wizard101 brings us the new Polar Fox pet in the Crowns Shop, with dyeable Parka and Boots!