Rescue Rover Pet (Wizard101)

Yuletide has arrived to the Spiral. Along with it comes the new Rescue Rover pet!

Hatching101: Pet Stats and Talents

The Hatching experiments continue with a look at how Pet Stats and Talents transfer from Parents to Offspring. Is the Pet Hatching process completely random? Kind of!

Hatching101: What Pet Will You Get?

The Duelist Testing Facility invades the Wizard101 Hatchery: is the Pet you receive from a hatch random? Not really! Read more here!

Wizard101 Flying Squirrel Pet

Wizard101 introduces the Flying Squirrel Pet in Khrysalis! Check out one of the cutest pets in the spiral!

Wizard101 – Tarantula Hawk Pet

The release of Khrysalis has brought NEW pets to the Spiral. Check out the Tarantula Hawk for both Pet Talents, as well as the Derby Talents too.

Bronze Golem Pet (Wizard101)

Today Wizard101 released the new Bronze Golem pet. Click here to read about the new talents it has!

Guide to Multi-Card Pets (Wizard101)

Which Wizard101 pets have more than 1 pet card? It turns out, a lot of them do! See them all in this Guide to Pets with Multiple Cards.

Piranha Hunter Pet (Wizard101)

A new pet has been discovered in the Wizard101 test realm world of Khrysalis: the Piranha Hunter! Some UNBELIEVABLE new talents have been discovered too!

Wizard101 Vampire Pet

Want to put a little bite in your game? Check out the new Vampire pet!

Frankenbunny Pet (Wizard101)

It’s cute.. it’s deadly… it’s a bunny! The Frankenbunny Pet arrives in Wizard101 today!