Buccaneer Champion Guide 2018

Orange is back with a new and improved Buccaneer Champion guide! Learn more about Buccaneer strategies and the gear and companions that work best with them!

Pirate101 PvP Chronicles: The Chronicles of Ruthless Jeremy Quincy #1

Pirate101 PvP Chronicles document the trial and error period of new builds, tactics, and strategies. Join Technomage as his new Buccaneer navigates Pirate101 PvP.

Pirate101 The Chronicles of Fire

Witchdoctor Fiery Tarlack Urswick gives us a glimpse into his setup. First up: Secondary Classes and Training Points, Gear, and Companions.

The Chronicles of Pretty Pedro: 3.28.2013

Pretty Pedro returns from a great run in the latest tourney, but he’s still encountering a wall in the late game. Can he find the solution?

The Chronicles of Pretty Pedro: 2.2.2013

Pretty Pedro is back, with more insight into PvP as a Swashbuckler, and this time? He even has a video!

The Chronicles of Kai 2.3.13

The Character Chronicles continue with Kai the Witchdoctor preparing his build for Pirate101 PvP.

The Chronicles of Merciless Miguel Devereaux 1-29-13 (Pirate101)

Check out the first entry in this new Pirate101 Character Chronicle! Merciless Miguel describes the process of setting up his Privateer for pirate PvP. Take a look at a Privateer’s stats, gear, and companions, all in preparation for his first set of battles.

The Chronicles of Pretty Pedro: 1.5.2013

This installment of Pirate101 Swashbuckler strategy focuses on the double musketeer companion setup, and how to make the best use of this very flexible crew . It also includes some solid gear upgrade tips, and companion training.

The Chronicles of Pretty Pedro 12.21.2012

Pretty Pedro is a Swashbuckler in Pirate101. This is the first installment of his PvP Journal, a look at the thoughts behind creating his build.