The Chronicles of Pretty Pedro: 3.28.2013

Pretty Pedro returns from a great run in the latest tourney, but he’s still encountering a wall in the late game. Can he find the solution?

The Chronicles of Pretty Pedro: 2.2.2013

Pretty Pedro is back, with more insight into PvP as a Swashbuckler, and this time? He even has a video!

The Chronicles of Pretty Pedro: 1.5.2013

This installment of Pirate101 Swashbuckler strategy focuses on the double musketeer companion setup, and how to make the best use of this very flexible crew . It also includes some solid gear upgrade tips, and companion training.

The Chronicles of Pretty Pedro 12.21.2012

Pretty Pedro is a Swashbuckler in Pirate101. This is the first installment of his PvP Journal, a look at the thoughts behind creating his build.