Buccaneer Champion Guide 2018

Orange is back with a new and improved Buccaneer Champion guide! Learn more about Buccaneer strategies and the gear and companions that work best with them!

Technomage’s 2015 Summer Season Buccaneer 1v1 Guide

A Buccaneer 1v1 Guide, detailing Technomage’s successful setup during the Pirate101’s ranked summer season.

Reckless Frenzy: Buccaneer’s Ace Card (Pirate101)

Reckless Frenzy is an awesome new card for all you Buccaneer’s out there. Alex Jaderider offers tips on ways to use it…and counter it! Read on for more about this nifty Pirate101 move.

Pirate101 Skill Spotlight: Leviathan’s Call

Duelist takes a closer look at a new rising star in the Pirate101 PvP world: Leviathan’s Call!

Pirate101 Buccaneer Overview

Alex Jaderider discusses the basics of the Pirate101 Buccaneer Class. General information and Training Point suggestions.