Pirate101: So You Want to Be a Champion? Part 1

If you’re looking to become good at Pirate101 PvP, here’s a new series that will give you valuable insights. Learn which classes are the current top tiers and how you can adapt to the current meta to become a Champion!

Pirate101 Summer Update: Potential Impact on PvP

Eric Stormbringer theorizes how the Pirate101 Summer Update changes will be shaking up PvP.

Pirate101: Attacks!

In Pirate101, attacks can display a variety of values. What does it all mean? Read on to learn how the stats work and how often you can expect to land a Critical hit.

Pirate101’s The Art of War #1: Laying Plans

A beginner guide series for both KI games. Duelist101 takes you through the Art of War, and how it’s lessons can be applied to Pirate PvP.

Ratbeard Says #2: Pirate101 Accuracy and Dodge!

Do you ever wonder exactly how those Accuracy and Dodge stats are calculated? Pirate101 Developer Ratbeard gives us more hints and insight into game mechanics on the Message Boards!

Wanted!: Prioritizing Targets in P101, Swashbucklers

The first hurdle in Pirate101 PvP is figuring out which unit(s) to take down first. “Wanted!” is a short Pirate101 strategy series aimed to help players prioritize targets in PvP, class by class. First up, Swashbucklers!

The Epicly Epic Guide to Understanding Pirate101 Epics

Triggers? Turn Cycle?! Don’t Panic! Duelist101 gives an in-depth overview of Pirate101 Epics, and breaks down all the symbols you may or may not understand.

Companion Management: Training Tomes in Pirate101

Companion Training Tomes in Pirate101: how you get them and when to use them to level your companions!

Pirate Weaponry, part 1

Do I need a Stabby or Slashy weapon? Melee or ranged? This overview explains how to choose the best weapon for your Pirate Class, and how to boost its firepower!

Pirate101: Where Were You Raised?

You log in to Pirate101 for the very first time and create a new Pirate. They ask you a question: Where Were You Raised? You’re nervous, thinking, what should I do? Choose wisely! Read here to find out how your answer will determine the Base Talent that will stay with you for the rest of the game!